Yamaha N3x Avant Grand Digital Piano | Available to try in our Banbury store

As one of the countries leading Official Yamaha dealers, we are fortunate enough at ePianos to have a state of the art showroom open to the public, with all the latest digital pianos and keyboards on display, ready for you to come in and try out.

In particular, we are lucky enough to have one of my favourite digital pianos on display here in our store in Banbury: the Yamaha N3x Avant Grand Hybrid Piano. It’s the instrument I always play when I get a spare minute as it offers the most authentic playing experience possible on a high end digital instrument – it really is gorgeous and I never fail to feel inspired after playing it.

When you play the N3x, you are hearing two of the finest grand piano sounds being reproduced: the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand & the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand. These world-class pianos are right at your finger tips with the N3x and Yamaha have captured the intricate subtleties of the sounds faultlessly – it’s amazing when you hear it in the flesh.

When it comes to considering a high end digital piano, the ‘feel’ of the keys (the ‘action’) is an extremely important factor to consider. Playing piano is a physical experience – like painting or writing – it requires you to engage with all senses (not just sound) and therefore the touch of a piano key and the weight of the keys plays a big part in your overall experience. With the Yamaha N3x (and in fact this can be said for all of the Avant Grand Range) the action has been reproduced with such precision that the bridge between digital and acoustic is getting closer and closer, creating what we call a HYBRID instrument. The N3x is half and half – if you opened it up (which we certainly wouldn’t recommend doing…!) aside from the computer parts and the circuitry, you would also find yourself looking at traditional acoustic piano parts (like hammers and counter-weights) – even the wood of the keys you play on is the same wood you would find on the real thing. It’s quite remarkable how much detail goes into it…

Want to visit us for a demo? Call us on 01295 266 788 and arrange a demo. 

Related imageNot many stores have the Yamaha N3x available to try out in their showrooms, so if you’re thinking about purchasing one please do get in touch and arrange to have a demo with one of our experts – we’d love to meet you! Our showroom is in Banbury, Oxfordshire (OX16 2RT) and located just minutes from the M40 (junction 11). We have free parking right outside; Toilets on-site and a huge selection of instruments. Why not come in for a cuppa? We also have a good selection of biscuits should you need some… though I’ll have to make sure Chris hasn’t eaten them all before you get here… he’s a big fan of biscuits…

For more information on how to find us, please click HERE! 


If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email on sales@epianos.co.uk or alternatively give us a call on 01295 266 788.

We hope to see you soon.

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