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With the introduction of the fantastic new Yamaha CVP800 series, we’ve part-exchanged some excellent-condition CVP709 pianos which we’re able to offer at superb prices.

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Yamaha CVP709 Clavinova Piano Review

The traditional piano is something I think most of us are pretty familiar with. The design itself hasn’t really changed over the last hundred or so years, but the Yamaha Clavinova CVP709 Digital Piano is something pretty special. What Yamaha have done is taken all of their knowledge in their years of experience making pianos, and they have built on it with today’s modern technology. This piano really is the best of both worlds. 

First Impressions

First of all, the Yamaha CVP709 really does sound and feel like a real piano to play. Yamaha themselves make traditional pianos, grand pianos, and concert grand pianos as well. They are one of the world’s finest makers of grand pianos. Yamaha have all of that experience and heritage to draw on when it comes to making the keys on these digital pianos. When you play this Clavinova, the keys are heavy and weighted.

The keys feel just like a real piano to play, it is almost indistinguishable to be able to tell the difference! The sound on the CVP709 is of such a high quality, It really does have such a lovely piano sound. The CVP709, being on the higher end of this particular range, has keys themselves that are actually made out of wood as well. To a pianist this adds another touch of authenticity. The keys just seem to respond a little bit better to your touch when they’re made out of wood rather than plastic.

CVP709 Functionality

Another reason as to why I this piano is so great, is the ease of use. All you do is turn the piano on, and there you are; you can play piano straight away. Using the touch screen, I am able to load up a different type of piano if I want it too. One of the sounds that he CVP709 contains is the sound of a concert grand piano, the CFX; which sounds beautiful. There are so many great sounds to choose from on the CVP709, including a sound by Bösendorfer, their Imperial Grand piano. We have also got sounds like upright pianos as well; which has totally different character. There is quite a selection of sounds even just in this particular piano section…and it is so easy to use.

The third thing I really like about this piano, is that it will play along with me. Rather than me trying to keep up with the piano, It will play along with me at my speed. The operation is very very straightforward to do. All I need to do is choose the piano I want to play with. I can just play piano on my own if feel like it, but if I want a band or a group to come in and join with me, it is possible to make this happen with this piano. The piano is able to detect what I’m playing, and the band will simply join in with me. It’s so much fun and it really enhances the experience of playing. When you think of traditional pianos, You sit there and you play on your own. Playing on your own is pretty one dimensional when you compare that with the ability to do something like this. There are also lots of different types and styles of music that will join in with you as well; such as Country, Latin, and everything you could think of in this category.

Learning to play with the Yamaha CVP709

The fourth thing I really like about this piano is that it has the ability to actually teach me how to play. If you’re an advanced player or particularly if you’re a beginner, there is a very good tutorial section on the piano. The piano will show you sheet music on the screen and allow you to join in. Now, if you’re thinking, ‘I’m a total beginner and I can’t read music, It doesn’t mean anything to me’, then have a look at this because this piano does something quite different. Sheet music appears on the screen, and the best way I can describe this process, is that it is a little bit like karaoke singing..but you’re playing piano instead! As you can hear the music, the backing music stops, and waits for you to play the melody line. Below the screen, we get a little light over the key. So if you don’t read music, it doesn’t really matter.

You can just follow the lights over the keys! You can have orchestras joining in with you as well. When you compare this to that traditional piano experience, where you are sat on your own and you’re just playing note by note, this is something very different! This piano uses modern technology to give you an amazing backing; perhaps an Orchestral backing for example. This piano can make you feel like you’re the pianist in this big orchestra! This is a really nice and a really fun way to play. There are lots of songs stored in the piano to play already, but you can wirelessly connect this to the Internet and download almost anything you can think of to learn how to play.


The fifth thing that I think is great about this piano is how it lets you be creative as well. When you think about playing a traditional piano, yes you can be creative with it, but as we’ve talked about before, the traditional piano is quite one dimensional as it stands. There is not much you can do apart from just play the piano. On this CVP Clavinova, we have not just the piano, but we also have hundreds and hundreds of sounds, loads of orchestral instruments, guitar strings, you have an enormous selection to play with. Alongside this, there is a mini recording studio built in to the piano, with 16 tracks! This is awesome technology. If you are a creative person, you can get totally lost in the experience!

You can use the prebuilt backing tracks to play with the band and record your songs. Alternatively you can build your recording from the ground up, instrument by instrument.  There is so much you can do on here. You can even plug a microphone into the piano if you want to, and sing along to what you’re playing. If you’re a songwriter, this piano has everything to record a really good professional quality demo, and it is so easy to do. You simply plug your microphone in, you can then perhaps use some of the backing tracks and the extra instruments, and you can then sing over the top and record this. After you have made the recording, you can then take the song off of the piano with a USB stick. You can then use this USB stick to put it on a computer, put it onto a CD, whatever you like!

“So in summary, I don’t think I could categorise this as just a piano. That seems just too narrow of a description! It is more like a complete musical interface. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there really is so much that you can do on here. If you wanted to use the CVP709 as just as a piano, you can, it is very easy to use. But why stop there when there is so much more that you can do as well…”

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