Yamaha CSP 170 vs Yamaha CSP 150 | Review

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If you are interested in the Yamaha Clavinova CSP 170 and Yamaha CSP150 and trying to decide between them, hopefully this information will help you; I am going to explain the main differences between these two pianos, and tell you what it is exactly that you get for the extra expense.

CSP Clavinova & Smart Pianist

The Yamaha CSP170 & CSP150 give you the ability to play the songs you always wanted to play, featuring state-of-the-art smart technologies and concepts that let you fulfill your dream of performing on a piano using free, dedicated Yamaha apps.

An iPad or compatible Android tablet (not included) is required to access the full potential of this instrument through the dedicated Yamaha ‘Smart Pianist’ app – details here.

Key Differences

The main difference between these two models is all in the keys themselves. On the CSP 170, the keys are made out of wood (the white keys). Having wooden keys on a piano of course, is exactly what we get on traditional pianos and on real concert grand pianos. This makes the Yamaha CSP170 very authentic in the way that these keys are made, and therefore the way they feel.

On the Yamaha CSP150, all of the keys are plastic. The keys do still have a mechanical weight in them, so they do still feel like a real piano to play in many respects. Wooden keys are really nice for a pianist because they are not so dense as plastic keys; they just retract and they bounce back a little bit faster (they’re a bit more responsive). This helps if you have to be very accurate with your playing. If you’re perhaps playing fast passages, wooden keys are wonderful to play with.

Wooden keys are fantastic and to me, really do make all of the difference. This is the major difference between these two models. 

  • The Yamaha CSP170 & CSP150 both feature Stream Lights
  • Yamaha Smart Pianist app
  • The Smart Pianist app gives functionality to the Yamaha CSP150 & CSP170 range.
  • The CSP170 features wooden white keys
  • Yamaha CSP150
  • Yamaha CSP170
  • Yamaha CSP150 & 170 share the same control panel

Yamaha CSP150 vs Yamaha CSP170 | Speakers & Sound

Another really big difference between these two models is the type of amplifiers and speakers that they use. The CSP170 has two 45 watt amplifiers, whereas the CSP150 has two 30 watt amplifiers. Already, the CSP170 has a more powerful amplifier set up. When you combine that with the difference in speakers, you’ll know what it’s all about.

The Yamaha CSP 170 has two 16cm speakers underneath and two 8cm speakers on top. There is also the bass speaker underneath, and this is what really brings through the richness and a deep sound. This gives you way more variation. If you are a player that plays with light and shade, you can almost feel your trouser legs flapping when you’re playing this way. It’s wonderful!

If we then move on to the Yamaha CSP150, first of all, there is nothing along the top, no speakers at all. Underneath there is a completely empty cavity. We do have downward facing speakers. But there is no big bass cabinet underneath, so the bass register doesn’t come through as much on CSP150. When you compare this to the CSP170 the sound is a little bit more muffled. The CSP170 has got this lovely glassy crispiness to it. This for me is the second most important difference between them. So hopefully it is becoming more apparent what you are going to get for that extra price of the CSP170.


I hope that this information has been helpful for you in making the decision between these two pianos. It’s important to note that this has just been about the physical differences between these two models because everything else is the same. The pianos have the same amount of keys, the same amount of voices built in, and the same amount of connectivity. There is however a slight difference in weight. The Yamaha CSP 170 is a little bit heavier than the CSP150, but you wouldn’t even notice it.


Yamaha CSP150Yamaha CSP170
Plastic KeysWooden White Keys
Speakers: 16cm x2Speakers: 16cm + 8cm, x2
GH3X Key ActionNWX Key Action
Amplifiers: 30W Plus 30W, x2Amplifiers: 45W Plus 45W, x2