Yamaha CSP150 vs Yamaha CSP170 Comparison Video!

The Yamaha CSP Series are two next-generation digital pianos, combing all the best elements (and more) to give you the best possible opportunity to play like a pro and enjoy yourself while you do it.

PhotoThe ‘S’ in C-S-P stands for ‘Smart’ and that is certainly what they are. The beauty of the CSP range is [firstly] how traditional they look – there are only two buttons on the instrument itself: the on/off button and a function button, along with a volume slider too. It is uncluttered and classy. When you turn it on, you’re met with a gorgeous Yamaha CFX Grand voice when you play – the sound you hear has been recorded from one of the finest concert grands in the world (worth over £100,000 by the way!!) and it’s a treat to play and sounds beautiful.

However, the ‘smart’ of the CSP series truly blossoms when you use the corresponding app called Smart Pianist (downloadable for FREE on iOs and selected Android devices) opening the instrument up to a world of voices, styles, rhythms and lessons, keeping you entertained and focused for hours on end.


PhotoBoth the CSP-170 and the CSP-150 have stream lights that trickle down like a waterfall,  just above your fingers on a panel above keys. With a plethora of built in lessons (ranging from Pop to Classical), the stream lights teach you how to play, in your own time, at your own speed, while showing you the score, chords and lyrics (where applicable) too! Impressed? Me too.

If you want to learn more about the CSP range, you can watch our comparison video below:



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