Yamaha CK88 | Portable Piano/Organ Hybrid

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Yamaha CK88 | Portable Piano/Organ Hybrid


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Yamaha CK88: Breathe Life into Your Playing
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The Yamaha CK88 turns everywhere you go into a stage or studio with intuitive controls, built-in speakers, and all the sounds you need to create your own sound.

Yamaha CK88 combines the sounds of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano with the organ and synth-focused YC Stage Keyboard for a totally new sonic palette. Pianos, electric pianos, strings,brass, organ, and modern synth. Easy-to-use controls let you focus on the music, not the menu. Dedicated Organ controls and Synth and Effect controls. It’s all battery-powered and has built-in speakers to take your music where it’s never been before. Everywhere.

CK88 and CK61 are true all-rounders and at home wherever good and varied keyboard sound is required. This ranges from the professional live stage to the small club to the campfire where no power is available. Whether it’s songwriting, a choir rehearsal, a quick serenade, or recording a production in the studio or bedroom – with the CKseries, you‘re guaranteed to have the right “tool” at hand for such occasions and more.

Main Features:

  • High-quality sounds based on AWM2 as well as AWM (Organ Flutes)•
  • 28 voices of polyphony
  • Three Parts (individually selectable)•363 Voices (all Categories)
  • 51 Effect Types: Insert Effects: 5 Drive Types, 36 Effect TypesDelay: 4 TypesReverb: 3 TypesPercussion/Chorus/Vibrato for the Organ Flutes
  • Master-EQ
  • 160 Live Set memory slots (80 User / 80 overwritable Presets)
  • Built-in speakers (switchable, 6W x 2)
  • Full Dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)•USB MIDI/Audio Interface
  • Bluetooth Audio (Input only)•Audio Input for external audio sources, featuring Insert Effects
  • Compatible with Soundmondo and the Rec‘n‘Share App
  • Two keyboard variants:CK88 – 88-key GHS keyboard: matte black keytopsCK61 – 61-key FSB keyboard, initial touchHIGHLIGHTS OF THE CK SERIES
  • Intuitive operation
  • Organ control panel with controls for the Organ Footage and separate controls for Percussion and Vibrato/Chorus
  • Flexible Layer and Split combinations (up to two Split Points)•Dedicated controllers for Cutoff/Resonance and Envelope parameters and Effects
  • Easy to transport (CK88 – 13.1 kg / CK61 – 5.6 kg)•Optional Soft Cases available


The sound generation of the CK Series can be distributed over up to three Parts. All Parts have the same range of functions, and all available Voices (incl.organ) can be assigned individually.

The most important controls for Parts and Voice selection are located to the left of and directly below the display. There are two buttons per Part – for switching on/off and for selecting the Parts. Directly above them, Sliders for the Part Volume can be found. Below the display, the [CATEGORY] buttons can be used to select a Voice for the currently active Part.


An ergonomically well-placed drawbar panel controls the footage of the independent Organ Voices. The five different Models (H, V, F, A, and Y)are based on Yamaha‘s AWM (OrganFlutes) tone generator. The Models are selected via the corresponding “Organ” Category. The Category contains further Voices, including church organs and accordion variants.

These additional Voices are generated by the AWM2 engine and cannot be controlled via the control panel designed for the Organ Models. The features that are indispensable for an authentic organ sound, such as Rotary Speaker, Percussion, Vibrato, and Chorus, can be activated and influenced via appropriately arranged buttons.


The CK Series features a very comprehensive Effects system. Three independent Effects are available for each Part, which can be applied to all available Voices. The first of these Effects is set to the superordinate Category “Drive” and contains Distortion Effects as well as RotarySpeaker Simulation and a Compressor. The other two Effects are identical and provide 36 variations each from different Effect Categories.

A separate Effect unit is the combination Vibrato/Chorus, which can be applied exclusively to the Models of the “AWM(Organ Flutes)” in the left control panel. Following this Part Effect chain, a Delay, and a Reverb are available. Both Effects affect the sum of all active Parts with one Send Level each. At the end of the Effect chain, a global adjustment of the output signal, e.g. for adaptation to an active loudspeaker system, can be made by using the Master EQ.

The Effects, including the Master EQ, can be stored individually for each Live Set.


Almost all possible settings on the instrument can be stored in a Live Set. A total of 160 memory locations are available,80 of which are overwritable Presets. If necessary, these can be restored via a “Factory Reset”. In addition, the memory contents can be saved in various File packages on a connected USB flash drive. With up to three Parts, Split/Layer combinations, and numerous independent Effects per Part, a Live Set can store everything for an impressive live performance.


The CK Series is perfectly prepared for spontaneous music-making. Even when there is no power supply and/or no amplification system available. With eight AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, the instruments can be operated independently of the mains supply.