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Used Technics SX KN7000 Workstation Keyboard


The pinnacle of Technic’s legendary KN series, the Technics SX KN7000 workstation keyboard is a stone cold classic and is still widely used by discerning musicians today. All of the styles and sounds still hold up incredibly well, and the layout and features are still as intuitive as ever.


PCM Samples on the Technics KN7000 give you breath-taking new sounds such as the new Baritone Sax Soloist, Brush Kit and amazing Boys Vocal. Theres an accordion resister, Live Jazz Kit 2, Folk Guitar and an incredible Jazz Organ soloist. There are well over 1000 sounds on the KN7000 and with a Wave Rom 33% bigger than the Technics KN6500 the sound quality has to be heard to be believed

Organ Samples and Organ Tabs

Organ sounds include majestical classical presets, great tone wheel and rotary speaker samples and a choice of 3 new organ tabs.

Speaker System on the Technics SX KN7000 Workstation Keyboard

The Technics SX KN7000 workstation keyboard features a brilliant speaker design, which utilises a rear facing bass port delivering awesome bass power. The positioned tweeters give a degree of separation and sound projection that is superb.

Video Out

Having a karaoke session? Plug your telly into the back and the Technics SX KN7000 keyboard screen is projected onto your TV screen.

Digital Signal Processing

You can apply enhanced DSP effects separately to Right1, Right2, Left, and APC parts, as-well as global effects like chorus and reverb. The Technics KN7000 is equipped with both a global sound equaliser and a separate equalisation function for each part, you can create studio like mixes with excellent sound quality.

Linking to a computer – Made Easy

The Technics SX KN7000 workstation keyboard features a USB port, so you can link to a computer without having to reboot. The program provided will allow you to create midi files or even audio files that you can send to your friends via email or even create your own CD’s. The included program that lets you do this, is simple. It’s not like the cubase that allows you to knit spaghetti but appears complicated, it just does what you want it to do simply.

SD Technology

It is about time that Technics brought out a fast medium for storing loads of songs registrations & rhythms, well as they say – “if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing well”. The storage medium is a tiny memory card , the cost is massively cheaper than the hard drives that have been supplied in the past for Technics Keyboards. The speed – theres nothing to touch it. How useful is it ? , there are several sites on the internet that will allow you to access 100s of rhythms for Free. You can save audio files and pictures on the disc, link the audio files to your sequencer and the KN7000 will automatically set the keyboard to the correct tempo. It’s Huge what it can do, whats more important, is that it will be useful to you.

Dimensions and Weight of the Technics SX KN7000 Workstation Keyboard:

Dimensions (W*H*D)114cm x 17cm x 41cm (44-7/83x 6- 11/163 x 16-1/83)
Weight17.6kg (38.8 lbs)


Keyboard61 Keys (with initial touch/after touch)
Sound GeneratorDynamic PCM
Max Polyphony128 notes
Number of Sound1187 sounds + 2 organ drawbars + 3 organ tabs + 3 accordion registers + 41 drum kits
Sound GroupPiano, guitar, strings, vocal, brass, mallet & orch perc, world, organ & accordion, sax & woodwind, pad, synth, bass, drum kits, digital draw bar, organ tabs, accordion register memory
Sound ExplorerYes
PARTSound DSP, Digital effect, sustain
GLOBALReverb, Chorus, Multi, Mic
Part SelectRight 1, right 2, left
Transpose+/- 12 notes
Number of Rhythms220 patterns * 4 variations, (8 parts with 2 DSP effects) intro/ending minor sequence
Custom Style20 patterns w/registration
Rhythm Group8 &16 beat, rock and pop, ballad, jazz & swing, soul & R&B, modern dance, country and western, organist, march & waltz, 60s & 70s ballroom, Latin &world, entertainer, movie & show, memory
ControlsMain volume, APC/ sequencer volume, line in volume, SD volume, mic volume, balance, mute, conductor, start/stop, intro & ending 2, fill in 1, fill in 2, count intro, synchro & break, tempo/program, tap tempo, fade in/out, split point, program menus
Sound SettingPart setting, mixer, master tuning, key scaling, techni-chord, , sound load option, APC reverb setting, monitor setting, and separate out setting
Sound EditEasy, edit, tone, pitch, filter, amplitude, LFO, effect, controller memory: 40, 1 user drum kit reverb & effect, MIC reverb & effect, sound load option, allocation, mixer, sound, DSP, multi, chorus, reverb, equalizer
ControlInitial, overall touch sensitivity, foot controllers, panel memory mode, music style arranger mode, and fade in/out setting.
Customizehome page setting, favourite setting, and display time out, wallpaper setting, custom mode panel, MIDI setting load option, language setting, disk preference, data protection, video out mode setting.
MIDIpart setting, control messages, real-time messages, common setting, input/output setting, MIDI presets, mode setting, program change MIDI out, panel memory output, computer connection
Sequencer16 tracks
Resolution1/96 per beat
Storage Capacityapprox 40,000 notes (10 songs max)
Input ModesEasy record, real time record, step record
Functionsrecord & edit, copy & paste, range edit, naming, panel write, SD audio synchro
8 Partsbass, accompany 1-5 drums 1, 2
Storage Capacityapprox. 13,000 notes
Input Modeseasy composer, real time record, step record
Functionspattern copy, custom style copy, SEQ to composer copy, load single composer, DSP set, chord modify set.
Memory3 banks x 20 patterns (variations 1-4, intro 1, intro 2, fill in 1, fill in 2, ending 1, ending 2)
Performance Pads6 pads x 26 banks with solo (preset bank x 20, pads user bank x 3: storage capacity=approx. 1,800 notes, compile bank x 2, control preset bank x 1)
FunctionsStop, auto setting
Auto Play Chordmode: basic, fingered, pianist memory, on bass, left hold, chord finder
Music Stylist1,080 music stylist
SelectionMusical category, musical era, alphabetical list, custom stylist, organ stylist
Music Style arrangerYes
Sound arrangerYes
One Touch PlayYes
Techni-chordYes (14 patterns)
Panel Memory13 banks (10 banks + 3 work banks) x 8, set, next bank, bank view, custom panel
SD Memory Cardload, save, favourites songs, SD songs, medley, SD- Audio play, SD-Sound play, custom style load/save, SD tools, SD preferences.
WheelPitch Bends
Disk3.5 inch disk drive for 2HD (1.44 MB), 2DD (720 KB) load, save, direct play, song medley, disk tools, preferences, style convert, custom style, load/save
CompatibilityNX SOUND, GM2, GM, SMF, w/lyrics.
Direct PlaySMF (0/1), DOC TM*1
DisplayWide Colour Graphic LCD (640 x 240 dots) page, contrast, exit, display, hold
Demo10 songs w/slide show
Terminalsphones, main out (R/MONO, L) line in (R/MONO, L) aux in (R/MONO, L) sub out 1, sub out 2, mic input, foot switch 1, foot switch 2, foot controller, exp pedal, MIDI (IN/BASS pedal, OUT, THRU) video out, USB
Output66W (18W X 2 for mid/high, 30W x1 for bass)
Speakers12cm (4-23/323) x 2, 6.5cm (2-9/163) x 2 for mid/high, 14cm (5-1/23) x1 for bass
Power requirements75W AC120/220/230/240V, 50/60 Hz AC 120V, 60Hz (North America/Mexico) AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong.)
Dimensions (W*H*D)114cm x 17cm x 41cm (44-7/83x 6- 11/163 x 16-1/83)
Weight17.6kg (38.8 lbs)

Specifications subject to change without notice*

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