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Used Technics PR900 Digital Piano In Polished Mahogany


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Used Technics PR900 Digital Piano


The Technics PR900 Digital Piano was the last top model PR Series made. The piano comes along in a beautiful cabinet and sounds absolutely fantastic.

Technics PR Digital Ensemble Pianos combine similar Digital Piano technology as in the PX range, with superb keyboard type features, enabling any piano player to benefit from a vast choice of sounds and accompaniment possibilities, combined with the option to use several different types of software for ensemble performance.

The Piano sound and action is wonderfully authentic with Technics Dynamic Acoustic Technology, newly recorded Dynamic PCM recorded sound and the highly acclaimed Technics Concert Touch action. In addition, the PR900 offer 64 Notes Polyphony.

Some Key PR Piano Features

Piano Stylist

This feature allows even a very basic standard player to enjoy playing piano music like a virtuoso. It offers a selection of familiar rhythms and accompaniments in 8 different musical categories to help you to simulate your favourite virtuoso’s performances. Just choose a backing pattern of your favourite pianist’s playing style and you’ll feel you’re playing live with his backing band.

128 Newly Recorded Rhythm Styles

Each one of the 128 rhythm styles has a choice of 4 variations offering wonderful variety in accompaniment styles.

Pianist Mode

Allows the more traditional type player to benefit from the ensemble capabilities of the accompaniment patterns without having to split the keyboard. Even the most complex of chords, will be recognised, and the backing style will play accordingly.

One Touch Play

Instantly selects the most suitable sound, tempo and balance for the rhythm you want to play.

Music Style Select

Automatically sets the ideal rhythm, sound and tempo for the style of music you want to play.

Music Style Arranger

To add more contrast to your performances, this feature gives you a choice of 4 different playing styles. From a quieter style to a brighter and more complex one, you can change the rhythm and sounds with the touch of a button.


Not satisfied with the preset rhythm patterns? Well, create your own with the composer! And don’t worry about complex programming – Technics makes things simple with the new Easy Composer.

16 track sequencer

You can easily record your own performances in real time (or step time) with the 16 track sequencer. Fairly sophisticated editing (even individual notes) is also possible thanks to the large graphic LCD screen. If recording is something which you need to keep simple then the Technics Easy Record facility keeps things down to the pressing of one button.


  • 88 Keys
  • 64 Note-Polyphony
  • 220 New Dynamic PCM Sounds
  • Digital Drawbar
  • Piano Stylist
  • Music Style Arranger
  • Dynamic Acoustics
  • Concert Touch
  • Brillance
  • 128 Rhythm x 4 Variations
  • 10 Panel Memory
  • 16-Track Sequencer/10 Songs
  • Composer
  • Easy Composer
  • New Techni-chord (13 Patterns)
  • Techni-chord Orchestrator
  • Sustain (8 steps), soft, sostenuto
  • LCD (320 x 240 dots) with backlight
  • Help Menu
  • Built-in Digital Disk Drive
  • MIDI Capabilities
  • GM, SMF(0/1), DOC
  • Direct Play GM, SMF(0), DOC
  • 60W x 2
  • High-gloss Rosewood Finish
  • plus much more!

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