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Used Roland HP737 Digital Piano


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Used Roland HP737 Digital Piano



  • 88 note progressive hammer action keyboard
  • Customizable key touch ( light , medium and heavy )
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 9 instrumental tones
  • Reverb, Chorus and Sympathetic Resonance
  • 7 temperaments for different types of settings
  • Ease of movement
  • Metronome and Recorder
  • MIDI inputs and outputs make it possible to connect to a computer
  • Audio inputs and outputs
  • 2 headphone jacks for silent rehearsals
  • 20-watt sound

Main features of the HP Piano

Authentic piano performances

High-quality concert grand piano tones, combined with the Progressive Hammer Action keyboard, which provides more realistic piano touch let you enjoy truly authentic piano performances. The keyboard provides a heavier feel in the low end and a lighter feel in the upper notes.

Captures the brilliant resonance

The sound of a grand piano has a more brilliant timbre than that of an upright piano. This is because the sound of a grand piano contains a greater amount of high-frequency components. The HP Piano’s sounds faithfully reproduce this characteristic of the grand piano.

Extended high-frequency response

One of the features of an acoustic piano is that for the approximately one and a half octaves at the top of the range, there is no damper to restrict the vibration of the strings. This allows the vibrations to continue whether or not the damper pedal is pressed. Since this also allows these strings to vibrate sympathetically with other strings, they can sometimes be heard when you play in the low and middle registers. The HP Piano faithfully simulates these characteristics of an acoustic piano.

Nine Tones for use in a wide variety of musical genres The HP Piano features not only piano tones, but nine different internal tones that you can use in a variety of musical genres (8 tones + 1 additional tone in Split mode).

Three metronome sounds

The HP Piano provides a metronome that lets you use three different sounds. You can easily adjust the tempo and time signature.

Dimensions and Weight:

W X D X H: 140 X 94 X 95 cm

Weight: 105kg

*Specifications subject to change*



88 keys (Progressive Hammer Action Mechanism)

  • Touch Sensitivity – 3 levels
  • Keyboard mode – Whole / Dual / Split

 Sound generator

  • Maximum polyphony – 64 voices
  • Tones – 9: Piano 1, Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2. Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Strings, Acoustic Bass (in Split mode)
  • Effects – Chorus (8 levels), Reverb (8 levels), Sympathetic Resonance (8 levels)
  • Key Transposition: +5 (semitone steps)
  • Temperament – 7 types, selectable tonic
  • Stretched Tuning – 2 types
  • Master Tuning – 4153 Hz-466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz steps)


  • Metronome- Beat: 0, 2, 3, 4,6 Volume: 8 levels
  • Sounds: 3 types


  • Tracks: 1 track
  • Song –  1 song
  • Note storage – Approx. 5,000 notes
  • Tempo – Quarter note 40-208
  • Resolution – 96 ticks per quarter note
  • Control – Play/Stop, Rec. Tempor


  • Pedals – Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
  • Speakers – 16cm X 2 (tweeter)
  • Rated power output – 20 W x 2 RMS



Headphone jacks (stereo) x 2

Input jacks (R, L/Mono)

Output jacks (R, L/Mono) MIDI connectors (In, Out) Pedal connector

  • Power supply – AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V
  • Power consumption – 60W (117V), 45W (230/240V)


W X D X H: 140 X 94 X 95 cm

Weight: 105kg

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