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Used Orla GT8000 Compact Lusso Theatrette Organ


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Used Orla GT8000 Compact Lusso Theatrette Organ


The Orla GT8000 Compact Lusso Theatrette is a lovely Organ. The organ is modern when it comes to its specification and all of its features and capabilities, as well as being compact, and traditional in its aesthetic.


  • The organ has lots of fantastic built in preset registrations; you have 7 sets of 16 sound set ups (112 altogether), in categories like theatre organ, classical organ, orchestral, jazz combo etc. There are also loads of pre-made sounds to help guarantee you find great settings to suit whatever it is that you may be playing.
  • The Orla GT8000 Compact Lusso Theatrette has a floppy disc drive at the front, should you want to save or load in extra registrations.
  • As well as this, you have got volume and sustain pedals located to the right hand side of the 13 bass pedals
  • The Compact Theatre has four upper sections where sounds can be chosen and added together by turning on the categories in the “conductor” section (Flutes, orchestra 1, orchestra 2 and special presets).
  • Individual sounds and organ combinations can be tweaked and saved from one of the many presets already loaded into the instrument
  • It is easy to save your own full registrations into the 16 adjustable preset buttons and if you want to save more than this a floppy disc can be inserted to hold more selections easily.

Dimensions and Weight:

Size (W X D X H)

113.5cm x 53 cm x 90 cm (height excludes music rest)


56KG (Keyboard only 26 kg)



2 x 61 note Touch Sensitive Keyboards

-13 note pedalboard (optional)

Split Lower Keyboard

Spit Lower keyboard option (Programmable Split Point)

Sound Sections

Colour Code System for easy access to all sections

Sound Libraries

GM Sound List (128 sounds), Theatre Organ Sounds (44 sounds), ORLA XR Realty HD Sound List (209 sounds High Quality GM sound variations). Accordion Sound List (40 sounds)

Upper Flutes

9 Flutebars, 4 Organ Presets + 4 User Presets, Attack, Sustain (programmable), Motion Effect Slow Fast, Percussion: 5 1/3′, 4:2 2/3′

(programmable levels) 3 Click types Overdrive Vibrato (programmable)

Lower Flutes

5 Flutebars, 4 Organ Presets + 4 User Presets, Sustain

Upper Orchestra 1 

410 Internal Sounds. Chorus. Sustain, Octave, User Volume

Upper Orchestra 2 

380 Internal sounds, Portamento, Poly Mono. Octave, User, Volume

Upper Orchestra 3 

380 Internal Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, User Volume

Lower Orchestra

380 Internal Sounds, Chorus, Sustain, Octave, User, Volume


380 Internal Sounds Sustain, Octave. User Volume


8x On/Off buttons for each section. Additive or Sell-Cancelling Modes


Individually programmable for each sound within the Orchestra Sections.


Octave Shift for each Orchestra section (+ or – 2 Octaves)

Rhythm Section

106 Super Styles with 3 Variations (5 part arrangements), 16 User Styles, MFC (2 Types), OFC (5 types covering all one finger systems). Auto Bass, Custom Bass, Auto Chord, Memory, Split Set. Intro/Ending, Fade. Fill 1/2. Auto Start StartStop. Drum Volume, Acc. 1, 2, 3 Volumes

Dynamic Frequency Compensator

Low High Frequency Adjustment, Output Level & Mic Input Level

Digital Reverb

12 Types-Room 1,2 & 3, Hall 1 & 2 ate, Delay. Pan Delay, Organ Room, Organ Hall, Stage, Theatre. Selection for Upper, Lower, Bass, Drums & Accomp

Orla Magic Chord

Open and Closed harmonies. Octave Up option on Closed Harmony

S.M.F. Disk

Auto Save System for all files, Record, Play/Stop, Pause. Melody On Off, Scroll Up Down Rew/FF Volume

General Presets

6 banks of 16 Registrations: Electronic Organ Theatre Organ, Classical Organ, Combo, Orchestra & Band

Left Volume

Programmable Manual Balance

Bass to Lower

Note is automatically generated from the chord played. Root note or chromatic.

Custom Bass

Auto Bass from Pedals


All left or Style-Only options

Power Up

2 settings – Default or Last Registration

Easy Edit

Voice Edit system via the Modulation Wheel

Auto Set Up

106 Style Settings

Overall Presets

16 User Programs


16 Programmable Styles Style Maker A very easy system to modify styles


Chorus: 16 Types – Chorus 1,2,3 & 4, Feedback, Flanger,

Short Delay. Feedback Delay, Delay 1,2,3 & 4, Pan Delay 182. Multi Delay 1 & 2


5 Types of Surround Sound effects


Volume Pedal with 2 foot switches

Foot Switch functions

Intro Ending, Fill 1, Fill 2, Start/Stop. Rhythm Variation, Glide. Hold, Registration Shift +-, Fade, Tempo +/- Slow Fast Tremolo, Vibrato, Conductor section control


Right Left Balance, Master Volume, Left Volume, OMC. Set Button


Transpose, Pitch

Touch Response

On/Off, 5 selectable Curves


Pitch, Modulation


32 Midi Channels, Control Change On/Off, Program Change On/Off, Local Control On/Off, Int/Ext Clock, Midi in (2)/Out/Thru 


2x LUR Outputs, 2 x L/R Inputs, Sustain


Headphone Socket


5 Channels, 5 Soft Cone Speakers, 150 Watts


Contemporary real-wood oak veneer

Size (W X D X H)

113.5cm x 53 cm x 90 cm (height excludes music rest)


56KG (Keyboard only 26 kg)

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