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Used Lowrey Legend Organ


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Used Lowrey Legend Organ


Strikingly authentic sounds can be enjoyed effortlessly with the touch of a single preset button; or dive
into an intuitive and well-crafted menu of controls that gives you the creative power to explore music
as you wish, when you wish and how you wish.
Your hobby of making music; the joy and the sense of satisfaction that music making brings to your life, will truly start all over again with the Legend!
The joy of owning and playing the Lowrey Legend is the seemingly limitless musical capabilities held within. You will enjoy continually finding and experimenting with the new sounds and features.


  • 192 Rhythm Styles, Fully-Orchestrated! 24 Styles With Eight Dynamic Variations each.
  • 11 complete Rhythm Presets for Each Rhythm Style-2,112 total
  • 12 Category Preset Groups, 11 Presets per Category, 132 Total Category Presets.
  • 44 Bank Presets, Plus Memorise So You Can Save Your Own Sound Creations!
  • Song Set Up Presets – 550 Titles!
  • Large, Colour, Touch-Sensitive Information Screen with Video Output for Viewing on a Television Set.
  • Easily Create Golden Harp-Style Arpeggios with the “Virtuoso” Keyboard Touch Pad.
  • USB Memory Storage. Save your Customised Presets and Music Recorder Productions!
  • Karaoke! Either on Screen or on Your Television Set!
  • Programmable Touch Bar, Foot Switches & Bass Pedals-20 Selectable Functions!
  • 328 Genius Sounds From Which to Choose!
  • Three Distinctive Organ Flute Styles; Its Like Having Three Organs In One!
  • A Lighted, Adjustable Music Rack Extender.
  • Sound System: Five amplifiers, 250 total watts. Three audio segments: Main, Bass, Monitor
  • 13 Speakers: Four Wide Range, Four Mid Range, Four High Range, One Bass in a Tuned Port Enclosure.
  • Independent Control of Monitor Speaker Volume!


54.25″ Wide X 29.5 Deep X 45.00″ High (Cabinet), 52.75″ (Music Rack Installed)



Rhythm Plus Orchestration

192 Fully orchestrated styles, control features include: Rhythm preset, alter style, drums only, MCS(music chord system), memory easy, variations (7+ basic), intro/ending 1 & 2, minor/major chord intros, start/stop, FX, tempo, drum volume, auto bass 1 & 2, Genie, orch plus volume downbeat indicator


Control, tempo, accompaniment, harmony


2,849 total presets

General presets: 11, power up plus buttons 1-10

Category presets: 132, 11 per category: country, country, big band, show, Latin. More = sacred modern, bells, holidays, jazz, brass, nostalgic, lush

Bank presets: 44, 11 per bank: A, B, C, D (programmable)

Rhythm presets: 2,112 (11 presets for each of the 192 rhythm styles)

Song setup presets – 550

Colour Touch Screen

Full colour – 320 X 240 liquid crystal display, touch sensitive

Orchestral Sounds And Features

Piano, Jazz guitar, accordion, vibes, electric piano, country guitar, trombone, marimba, banjo, Hawaiian, Genius 1, Genius 2

Orch Volume, Upper on, lower left, lower right repeat, portamento, upper octave, transpose

Solo Sounds and Features

Society piano, trumpet, violin, scat, bells, jazz flute, harmonica, chimes, clarinet, genius 1, genius 2

Solo volume, upper on, lower right, lower octave, dynamic keying, repeat, portamento, upper octave transpose

Bass Tabs

Bass sustain, bass 16, bass 8, ensemble bass, pedal, genius, drawbars

Lower Tabs

Lower genius, vocal ensemble, strings 8, strings 4, flute 8, flute 4, flute 2 2/3, flute 2, lower sustain, drawbars

Upper Tabs

Upper flute sustain,flute 16, flute 8, flute 5 1/3, flute 4, flute 2 2/3, flute 2,  flute 1 3/5, flute 1 1/3, flute 1, flute perc, string vocal sustain, strings 16, strings 8, strings 4, vocal ensemble, upper genius, theatre drums, drawbars


Flute vibra trem, (Fast, slow, off), chorus, chorus celeste


Assign sounds from a menu of 328 genius sounds to the orchestral genius 1, orchestral genius 2, solo genius 1, solo genius 2, lower genius, upper genius, golden harp genius, and pedal genius


Assign sounds from a menu of 171 genius sound effects and drums to the sound FX 1 and sound FX 2 buttons

Touch Bar

Programmable touch bar (20 selectable functions)

Music Recorder

USB memory stick: record/playback A4000 performance, playback general, MIDI, capture presets

Graphic Mixer

Volume controls: master, reverb amount, bass, lower, upper string/vocal

Audio System

Five amplifiers, 250 total watts, three audio segments, main, bass, monitor. 13 speakers: four wide range, four mid range, four high range, one bass in a tuned port enclosure, includes monitor speakers with independent volume control

Golden Harp

Eight beautiful arpeggio patterns + genius

Virtuoso Keypad

Touch sensitive keypad, golden harp genius sound source


15 upper & lowrey keyboard harmony selections: AOC, duet, 3 part. More = 4 part, country, polka, block, hymn, barbershoppe, 5 part, 4ths & 5ths, octave, full AOC, grouped AOC, Octave AOC

Sound Effects

Sound FX1, sound FX 2. Assign sounds from the menu of 171 genius sound effects & drums

Lowrer Sound EFX

Assign sounds from the menu of 171 genius sound effects & drums to lower keyboard keys and select sounds for theatre drum feature

Feature Pages

11 screen pages of advanced features


Two 61 note upper and lower manuals


20 note, spinet style

Music Rack Lighted

Matching wood lighted, music rack extender lighted


USB Data Port, stereo headphone w/volume control, monitor speakers volume control, microphone input w/volume control

Rear panel: MIDI in-out-thru, aux out right-left/mono, aux in right-left/mono, video out


54.25″ wide X 29.5 deep x 45.00″ high (cabinet), 52.75″ (music rack installed)

Ship Weight

XXXlbs. – Crated shipping weight including bench

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