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Used Lowrey Holiday Classic Organ


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The Holiday Classic features thousands of easy-to-use presets, authentic instrumental sounds a collection of rhythm styles that give you the freedom to play your favourite songs. Folk, Country, Classical, Rock ‘N Roll – it’s all there. And Lowrey’s user-friendly design means you don’t have to be a concert artist to impress your friends and neighbours. Best of all, the Holiday Classic’s unique combination of high-performance capabilities and easy play technology makes playing fun.

Presets Galore!

There is so much music to explore on the Holiday Classic! Just turn it on and you get that Sweet Lowrey Sound. 10 more wonderful General Preset sounds are just a button-push away.

Plus there are 4 Dynamic Category Presets, each containing 11 carefully crafted registrations, For a total of 44 great sound combinations. And it’s easy! Just choose the Category you desire and the Holiday Classic is completely set up and ready to play. Press any of the buttons numbered 1 through 10 to select more sound arrangements for the Category you selected.

The 2 Bank Preset buttons also contain 22 great sounds, plus Memorise so you can create your own sound set-ups. Save those creations on the USB Memory Stick so you always have them.

Dimensions and Weight:

45″ wide x 26 deep x 42.25″ high with music rack removed, 50.75″ with music rack installed
304lbs – crated shipping weight including bench


Rhythm Plus Orchestration

90 fully orchestrated styles. Control features include: rhythm preset, alter style, drums only, MCS (music chord system), memory, easy, variations, basic, intro/ ending, minor chord intros, start stop, FC, tempo, drum volume, downbeat indicator, auto bass 1 & 2, genie & orch plus, tempo, accompaniment, tempo, accompaniment, tempo, bass volume, orch plus volume, lower volume


Tempo, accomp


1,421 total presets: 

General presets: 11, power up plus buttons 1-10

Category presets: 44, 11 per category: counrty, big band, show, latin

Bank presets: 22: 11 per bank: A, B (programmable)

Rhythm Presets: 990, 11 presets for each rhythm style

Song set up presets: 354

Orchestral Sounds And Features:

Piano, jazz, guitar, banjo, trombone, vibes accordion, electric piano, country guitar, Hawaiian, strings, marimba, Genius

Orch volume, upper on, lower right, dynamic keying, upper octave, transpose

Solo Sounds And Features

Society piano, trumpet, sax, violin, bells, chimes, clarinet, genius

Solo volume, upper on, lower right, dynamic keying, upper octave, transpose

Bass Tabs

Bass sustain, bass 16, bass 8, pedal genius

Lower Tabs

Lower genius, vocal ensemble, strings 8, lower sustain, flute 8, flute 4, flute vibra trem (fast slow off)

Upper Tabs

Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2, mellow organ, pipe organ, upper sustain, strings 16, strings 8, vocal ensemble, flute vibra trem (fast slow off)


Assign sounds from the menu of 176. genius sounds to the solo genius, orchestral genius, lower genius tab, pedal genius tab

Touch Bar

Programmable touch bars (5 selectable functions)

Music Recorder

USB memory stick: record / playback A300 performance, playback general MIDI, capture presets

Record / playback A300 performance

Graphic Mixer

Volume controls: master, reverb amount, bass, lower, upper string/ vocal

Audio System

100 watts total RMS (stereo). Six speakers total: two 6 X 9 monitor speakers, two 12″ full range speakers, two 3″ tweeters

Golden Harp

Beautiful harp arpeggio pattern


AOC, duet, 3 part, 4 part

Colour Display

Full colour – 320 X 240 liquid crystal display

Feature Pages

USB, lower / pedal volume, sustain, orch effects, solo effects, AOC, lower sound effects, keyed drums, MIDI, edit, genius, repeat controllers, rename bank presets, next preset, play songs, set split, light show


Two 49- note upper and lower manuals


13 note, spinet style


Walnut or oak finish with wood rolltop


Deeply padded, synthetic leather, open for music book / sheet music storage

Music Rack

Matching wood, music rack extender with smoked plexi rack


Right end block: stereo headphone with separate volume control


Rear panel: Midi in-out-thru, Aux out right-left/mono, video out

45″ wide x 26 deep x 42.25″ high with music rack removed, 50.75″ with music rack installed


304lbs – crated shipping weight including bench

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