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Used Korg PA800 Arranger Keyboard


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Used Korg Pa800 Arranger Keyboard


The precursor to the current Pa3X and Pa4X models, the Pa800 still comes with all the features you would expect from Korg’s legendary PA series. Complete with more sounds and styles than you could ever want, plus full recording and sequencing features too!

Style Play.

Style Play mode, where you can play Styles (automatic accompaniments) and play up to four Keyboard tracks and four Pad tracks.

Song Play.

Song Play mode, where you can play back Songs in Standard MIDI File (SMF or KAR). Since the Pa800 is equipped with two sequencers, you can even play two Songs at the same time, and mix them with the sequencer balance slider. In addition to the Song tracks, you can play up to four Keyboard tracks along with the Song(s).


Sequencer mode, where you can play, record or edit a Song. The Backing Sequence mode lets you record a new Song based on the Keyboard and Style tracks, and save it as a new Standard MIDI File.


Sound mode, to play single Sounds on the keyboard, or edit them. By pressing RECORD you can enter the Sampling mode, the Pa800’s full-featured sampler.

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions (W × D × H) 43.7 × 15.3 × 7.1 inches (1110 × 388 × 181 mm) – without music rest
Weight 29,3 lbs (13,3 kg)


Keyboard 61 keys with Velocity and After touch
Sound Data Tone Generator 120 Voices, 120 Oscillators – EQ for each track – Filters with Resonance
Multitimbral-Parts Internal: 40 channels – Midi: 16 channels
Factory Sounds 1,007 (incl. Stereo Piano and GM2 sounds) + 64 Drum Kits
User Sounds 56 Sounds – 64 Drum Kits
2 Digital Drawbars 9 Footages
Sound Edit On-board full editing for Sounds and Drum Kits
PCM RAM Memory 64 MB
Sampling Record, Edit, Time Slice, Load/Import, Export – PCM RAM Memory: 64MB standard
Effects 4 Stereo Master – TC Helicon for Vocal FX + Final Master EQ
Real Time Tracks 4 (Upper 1/2/3, Lower) – 4 Pads
Performances 320 User Programmable
Styles Data Factory Styles Up to 544 locations – Preloaded Styles: 409
User Styles 96 User + 320 Favorite (all 960 styles are re-writable)
Arranger Tracks 8
Style Edit Record & Edit functions, Guitar Mode, Import/Export SMF
Patterns / Chord Variations Up to 42 patterns for each style including 3 Intros, 3 Endings, 3 Fills
Style Performance (STS) Up to 960 × 4 (Real time tracks + Acc. tracks) all programmable
PCM Style Grooves Using the internal PCM RAM memory
Sequencer XDS Double Sequencer Separate transport controls for each Sequencer – Balance Slider
4 STS saved with the Song In SongBook Mode
Tracks 16 + 16
Sequencer Edit Record & Edit functions
Backing Sequence (Quick Record) Real Time Record – Step Record & Edit
Lyrics / Chords On-Screen (compatible with most popular formats)
Score View On-Screen
Other Features MP3 Optional with EXBP-Dual MP3 board. Records MP3 files, and plays two MP3 files at the same time. Tempo change ±30%. Transpose -6~+5 semitones.
Voice Processor Voice technology by TC Helicon: 3 Parts Harmony, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, Eq.
SongBook and SongBook List Fully Programmable
Arabic Scale Programmable, with up to 4 SC Presets
Pads 4 + Stop button
Compatibility i-Series: Styles – Pa-series: Style, Perf., Sound, Song, Song Book
Operating System OPOS Multitasking System – Load while playing – Upgradable
Internal SSD Flash memory 256 MB for OS, PCM and all Resources (20 MB reserved to the SSD-User area)
USB for Memory Devices Yes (2 slots – 1 Host Rear, 1 Host Front)
Hard Disk Optional with Hard Disk Installation Kit
Amplification 2 × 22 W with Loudness and Semi-Parametric Master EQ
Speakers 4 Speakers (10 cm Woofer + Tweeter) – 2 way – Bass Reflex Box
User Interface Display 320 × 240 Graphical Color Touch Screen Display
Controls Joystick – Dial – Up/+, Down/-
Programmable Controls 2 Switches + 2 Sliders
Cursors Real Time: Master Volume – Acc/Seq-Real Time Volume Balance
Switches Transpose, Memory, Bass Inversion, Manual Bass, Fade, Tap, Synchro, Ensemble
Help System Multilanguage Hypertext – Contextual
Connections MIDI IN – OUT – THRU
USB 2 Host (2.0 Hi Speed) and 1 Device (1.1 Full Speed)
Outputs 4 Analog (Left/Right/Out1/Out2)
Inputs 2 Inputs – 1: Mic/Line – 2: Line – with separate gains
Headphone 1 Front jack connection
Pedals 1 Damper – 1 Assignable Footswitch/Pedal – EC5
Power Supply AC – Universal Voltage
Options USB Memory Yes
Hard Disk Hard Disk Installation Kit – not including the HD
CD – FD Through USB Host – not internal
Video Interface Graphic Video Interface VIF4 – NTSC/PAL board
MP3 Dual MP3 encoder/decoder EXBP-Dual MP3
Expression / Volume Pedal Korg EXP-2 – Korg XVP-10
Multi-Switch Pedal Korg EC5
Damper Pedal Korg DS-1H (supporting half-pedaling)
Switch Pedal Korg PS-1
Physical Data Consumption 40 Watt
Dimensions (W × D × H) 43.7 × 15.3 × 7.1 inches (1110 × 388 × 181 mm) – without music rest
Weight 29,3 lbs (13,3 kg)

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