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Used Hammond XE200 Organ


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Used Hammond XE200 Organ


With the futuristic technology contained within this Hammond organ, dreams become a reality and the previously unattainable blend of traditional sound and modern features is now achieved. We are convinced that the Hammond XE-200 we will have satisfied your musical aspirations and by employing the very highest standards of quality in manufacturing, the XE-200 will sustain the timeless tradition that is the Hammond Organ.

Hammond organs, for many years, have been sought after for their unique sound created from drawbars along with the rotary effect of a Leslie speaker.

However, in the home, the combination can for some take up much too much space.

So, the Hammond XE1 was born. A single keyboard with auto-accompaniments popular these days. Not long after they brought out a bolt-on second keyboard and separate pedalboard. called the XE2.

With it’s success, they then added a loud speaker system and luxury cabinet and born was the XE200.
Width 42.5 inches, Depth 25 inches.



two 61 note manuals with Initial touch & 13 pedals


240 x 64 dots graphics, LCD with LED back light


9-Upper, 9-Lower, 2-Bass, Percussion 2nd, 3rd, Soft, Fast

Sound generator:

PCM Vase-II ™ & DRB, Vase-II ™ Digital Technology

Organ Effects:

Leslie : 2 Rotor Digital Leslie, On/Off, Slow/Fast

Vibrato/Chorus :

V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3

Effects Reverb :

8 types, Chorus : 8 types

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