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Used Hammond Super EX2000 Organ


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Used Hammond Super EX2000 Organ

Two 44-Note Manuals 13-Note Pedalboard


Listen to those great Hammond sounds. Enjoy the true versatility.

The EX-2000 is Hammond’s commitment to your musical enjoyment in your own living room.


Rhythm patterns vary the way a live drummer varies his playing. Each of the sixteen rhythms has four variations including intro, fill in, break and even ending. There is also manual drum solo which permits you to play your own drum sounds from the lower keyboard at the touch of one button.

Easy Play

The new Easy Play technology makes it simple to play the Hammond EX Series Use one finger, or form your own chord with auto bass. The musical intelligence is built in. You decide just how challenged you want to be. Hammond does the rest.


Record your performance digitally, including registrations and volume controls. And your performance can be transferred to a RAM card giving you a hard copy recording. Play the sequences back as easily as you would operate a tape recorder. You can even record just the accompaniment and play the melody when you replay the recording.


You are in control at all times. Just glancing at the backlighted easy to read display you can see all registration and function information.


The Musical Instrument Digital Inter face is an international standard that lets MIDI equipped musical instruments communicate with each other so that several instruments can be played from one keyboard. Those who pursue perfection can enjoy an almost limitless expansion of creativity through the Hammond programmable MIDI.

Handcrafted Cabinet and Finish

The contemporary design of the model EX 2000 is dramatically accented by the exciting combination of stained walnut and modern finish.


The incomparable Hammond sound is unsurpassed in popularity-praised by both professional and leisure time musicians The easy to use controls give you 253 million tonal variations


Hammond has always been famous for the Touch response percussion. This exciting new series of instruments continue the tradition and enhances your playing skills

Animation [Vibrato and Leslie)

Vibrato adds a rich wavering effect to the Hammond sound The Leslie puts sound in motion with a new electronic Leslie sound system: thus a wide range of dramatic sound quality is available to the player.


You have never heard more realistic strings. Use them to build a full string orchestra.


Added to the famous Hammond sounds are exciting new digital orchestral voices. Choose from 32 built-in voices. They may be played separately or combined with drawbars and strings.SoloExciting new digital monophonic voices. Choose from 32 built in voices They may be played separately, or combined with the other voice groups.


It has never been so easy to set up that great Hammond sound. You can personalise the 5 presets and then save them using a RAM card.

Dimensions and Weight:

114cm (W) x 92cm (H) x 56cm (D)




49 Upper + 49 Lower + 13 Pedals


9 Upper, 9 Lower, 2 Pedal

Percussion: 2nd Harmonic, 3rd Harmonic, Soft, Fast

Orchestral Voices

Polyphonic/ Monophonic : 29 with voice select function: Pan Flute, Flute, Oboe, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Synth Brass, Muted Trumpet, Violin, Pipe, Harpsichord, Piano, Electric Piano, Electric Guitar, Clavicord, Marimba, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Jazz Guitar, Steel Drum, Banjo, Chime, Vibraphone, Timpani

Card Voices

(Polyphonic) with voice edit function: On, Solo, Lower, Chorus, Flute 1, Trumpet, Trombone, Sax, Harmonica, Marimba 1, Piano. Additional voices are available from Hammond Voice ROM cards.


Upper 1 ( 8′ ),

Upper 2 ( 4′ ) Lower ( 8′ ),

Chorus Volume 5 steps Pedal Voices: 3: Wood Bass,

Bass Guitar Tuba, Pedal To Lower and Lower To Pedal

Presets (Combination) :

1—8, Cancel Effects

Real Acoustic Leslie

Sustain Digital Reverb

49 + 49 + 13 Spring Reverb Rhythm and Easy Play: 30 plus variations -120


U/L/P Control Pro Chord Pro Foot, Transpose


LCD Display, Display Play Mode

Card Slot :

ROM voice cards & auto band style


RAM—Sequencer & Registration


Audio System: 3 channel. 50w per channel


114cm (W) x 92cm (H) x 56cm (D)

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