Upgrade to an Orla Grande Theatre

Upgrade to an Orla Grande Theatre!– Our Lowest cost to Upgrade Ever!

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The Grande Theatre organ is the flagship of the Orla Range and represents the result of 7 years’ development of the Orla GT series.

Orla Grande Theatre Highlights & Features

The Orla Grande Theatre is designed to be easy to use. It is excellent for getting great sound very easily. This is due to its seven categories of registrations. Each category covers a genre of music, varying from Virtual Theatre to Reality Flutebars and from Reality Orchestra to Reality Band, and each one holds 16 sound registrations.

Another great feature on this organ is the big Blackpool Tower organ sounds, and coupled with this organ’s fantastic speakers you’ll feel like you should be coming out of the floor! Solo instruments are also very realistic too and you can combine up to four sound/voice sections at the same time to give you that full sound, one of the sections being a full set of drawbars.

Each voice section has a user button that allows you to allocate one user voice from a selection of 421. This will then be available on hand as an extra panel voice. You also have all the drawbar combinations; 44 theatre organ sounds and 12 types of digital reverb for blending your perfect sound.

The rhythm section is vast with 106 different styles all with 5-part arrangements. This is excellent for allowing variation and flexibility. Each of these 106 styles has 3 variations to choose from.

You also get a great feature called “Orla Magic Chord” which gives you open and closed automatic harmonies worked out from the left-hand chord you’re playing- and it really gives your melody a big boost. The Orla Grande Theatre has a beautiful cabinet design with a real wood veneer finish. It also has a veneered roll top lid. The seven-speaker amplification system offers you a full and rich overall sound and the organ has many easy to use features like automatic organ set-up for those who don’t want to bother playing the pedals and just want a guaranteed big full sound. And every style you select will give you some fab allocated voices to make the complete sound.

David Says:

“The Grande Theatre gives you the opportunity to own a beautiful, top of the range organ with lovely warm flute sounds and very realistic solo voice instruments, and one of the later organs from Orla which uses up to date technology.”

If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch, please just give us a call on 0191 257 1666 or email us at sales@epianos.co.uk

All the best – David and the team

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