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We take pride in our high level of customer service and always strive to make every single customer happy, below you can read what our customers say about the service they have received from us.

“I would like to thank you both for the assistance and advise you’ve given me in sorting some of my operating problems. Coming from using other makes of keyboard this has been quite a learning experience, without your support I would have taken a very long time to get the enjoyment of the Tyros 5. I would also add that your knowledge and ability displayed with this keyboard was the deciding factor for me to deal with your company and I’m very pleased that I made the correct choice of both the instrument and the dealer. Should any of your prospective clients wish an independent opinion that is a truthful appraisal of the after sales service I would be happy to give it as I am certain anyone would appreciate the expert help and advice that is so important.”

Thanks, Alex Henderson

“As a visiting music teacher in Oxfordshire, I was responsible for making the proposal to purchase Clavinova keyboards for 3 schools and from the moment of ordering to the delivery of the keyboards and the service provided on delivery offered by David and Chris was first class.

Therefore I had no hesitation in using the services of David and Chris in moving from a PSR 3000 to a Tyros 3 with the same quality of service afforded to the schools. Then came the marvellous Tyros 5 and realising that I had not had the Tyros 3 that long, the way the transaction was handled and the delivery to home (near Abingdon) was brilliant.

Now with monthly tutorials and performance opportunities, plus the advent of tips on the Internet, it really is first class service “with a smile”

Paul Herrington ( Abingdon)

“30 years ago I  bought  a Yamaha Electrone MC 600 organ. In 2002 I bought the new Tyros 1 keyboard.  I thought it was wonderful, but I struggled trying to getting to grips with the folders / saving registrations etc. There was no help. I was on my own. The manual was confusing rather than  helpful, and  I certainly never thought about getting firmware updates.

Last year  I decided to upgrade to the Tyros 5 but the local Music store in Reading did not appear to be  geared up for training  or support so I would still be on my own.

Then  – luckily for me  – I stumbled across Tyros Tipsters on You Tube. David and Chris’s  video clips were a revelation. They opened up a completely new world  of understanding – and all free!  Wow!  I learnt so much.   Added to that they offered me more than twice the trade in price on my old Tyros 1 as the local music store;  it became a ‘no brainer’ where I should buy my new keyboard  – Tyros Tipsters!

David and Chris are shining examples of Total Quality for customer service. Buying a Tyros is a big  investment,  but having Tyros Tipsters ready advice and support,  you get a much bigger return on your investment by way of satisfaction and enjoyment.

I have no hesitation  in recommending Tyros Tipsters  to anyone (and I already have).”

Laurie Joyce

“I have had Tyros 3/4 & now the fantastic Tyros 5, I could hardly believe the difference, particularly with the new Ensemble & Organ sections, both of which needed a little understanding to get the best from them. Thankfully Chris demonstrated these very well when he delivered & installed the complete Tyros 5 set up for me. This is the first time I have dealt with the Tipsters & am very glad I did. Not only have I learned from their excellent video tips which to me are also reminders, (at 79 I often forget Tyros features from earlier models) & I also have appreciated their personal help both by phone and email. A very approachable & pleasant company who think a lot about their customers needs. A big thank you to them.”

Alan Kirton, Swindon

“I have been a Tyros user since the very first model and have bought each one from a number of retailers. I can, without hesitation, commend the very fair deal I received from David and Chris and their follow-up advice and service. Despite having a local Yamaha dealer only 1 mile away from my home in Swansea,  and having very little knowledge of One Man Band, I chose them simply based             upon their courtesy and response to my initial telephone enquiry. Their professionalism and the after-sales service I have experienced by the Tyros     Tipsters has been absolutely first class  –  they really DO care and I will be buying from them again.”

Hywel Trick, Swansea

“Thanks for everything, for your help in buying my new Tyros 5 keyboard as I am soon to retire.  After watching your Tyros tipsters videos it as helped me understand so many features that I didn’t know existed. Thanks to David, and Chris who installed my keyboard which has helped me to do things I didn’t expect to do. Well done to you both.  You provide an excellent service and I would recommend you.”

Melvin, Staffordshire

“Hello, to you both just to let you know I successfully installed the latest Firmware update 1.10 on my new Tyros 5 thanks to your video instructions. I am very pleased with my new ‘Tyros 5 having lots of pleasure playing it. Keep up the good work you ‘Tyros Tipsters.’”

Hope to visit you soon, Ian Paines

“Just before Christmas I decided to treat myself to Tyros 5. I part exchanged my Tyros 3. Looking at the instrument they seem the same but the sound and quality is superb on the 5.This coupled with the latest technics is an outstanding keyboard. I am playing it all the time and well worth the upgrade.David and Chris were great to deal with and the enthusiasm they have is fantastic. The tips and tutorials are a great help. Keep doing what your doing. It works.”

Robbie from Devon

“I believe that the One Man Band team (also known on the Internet as the “Tyros Tipsters”) but based in Banbury, Oxfordshire has become one of the most successful Yamaha music dealerships in the UK. Certainly I am impressed but, not at all surprised as they have truly earned this degree of success by offering a level of customer care that I could only describe as exceptional.

Some years ago I purchased a Tyros 4 from them and then more recently upgraded to the Tyros 5 both great keyboards that give me a lot of pleasure. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the pleasure of owning these keyboards has been greatly enhanced by the active and unmatched support provided by the OMB team.

Stuart Birt Northamptonshire

“Before I go on to review my new Yamaha Tyros 5 76 keyboard with the MS05 Speakers I have to put a big shout out to David and Chris who make up The Tyros Tipsters.

They made the buying experience so effortless for me.

It was the best deal in the UK I looked everywhere. Honest !!

Apart from the keyboard the following were included in the deal.

The 1GB memory upgrade including 2 x Yamaha expansion pack downloads of your choice. A dust over for the keyboard and speakers.

Also included was The Tyros Tipsters DVD Box set with 3 very helpful DVD’s full of tips and information and a Tyros Tipsters Registration USB stick.Now you don’t need me to tell you that these items on their own would set you back approximately  £550 give or take.

The other great news for me was in my opinion a great  trade in price for my old keyboard. This took the stress of me having to sell it.

Chris and David even fit the expansion module to save the less technical minded out there and all the registrations on offer are fitted and yes All Free of charge.

Even the postage was paid for when trading in my old keyboard and also for delivery of the new Tyros 5.

Finally, Chris and David actually come out to your home and set up the keyboard for you for a nominal fee.

I do not know of any other shop that offer that kind of customer service. No wonder these guys have won awards for this.

I take my hat off to you gentlemen.

Now time to give an opinion on the Tyros 5 76 Keyboard.

I think the first word that comes to mind is AWSOME.

Let me give my reasons Yamaha have added 40 new Audio Styles with real drummer’s not someone playing the keys of the keyboard to simulate drum effects.

I believe Adele’s drummer is behind a lot of the styles but I stand to be corrected on that.

Moving on from the audio styles you have the new Organ World sounds.

Containing multiple samples and recordings of classic organs including Hammond C3, Lowrey Holiday, Wersi Spectra, Wurlitzer Theatre Organ, and German Classical Pipe Organ, Organ World. They all sound very realistic.

Then there are the sounds of the Guitars which are outstanding with the virtual vintage amps.

Not forgetting the new Ensemble Voices the Tyros 5 has introduced which means listening to a quartet playing is as near as

you are likely to get without actually going live to the concert hall.

More DSP’s have been added to make the already good sounds in the Tyros even better.

And for you singer’s out there there is Vocal Harmony 2 with now a real time mic leveling indicator with a graphic interface.

No more excuses even your average singer can sound like a pro.

Of course there are even more voices and styles added compared to the Tyros 4 with more SA2 voices which sound so real it is frightening.

Truly though in my opinion this is truly a remarkable Arranger and for me it is almost perfect while nearly.

To be Perfect Yamaha would have to have added the power on/off switch at the front instead of the rear.

Come on Yamaha this would have been a simple and sensible thing to do.

Another little niggle for me was the music stand which could be a little closer to view the music although this is me being really a little mega critical.

Overall the is a wonderful keyboard and I will give it  99/100.

There are other keyboards out there possibly slightly cheaper but I would highly recommend The Tyros 5 as for me it is the complete package. This keyboard can take your playing to the next level and has great support and opportunity for expansion.

The hardest decision will be for current Tyros 3 and 4 owners wondering if it is worth upgrading.

If you own a Tyros 3 like I did don’t even think twice about upgrading and I would be bold enough to say even Tyros 4 owners will not be disappointed with an upgrade to Tyros 5.

The new Tyros 5 is a quantum leap forward although maybe not for everyone out there.

The great news is that The T3 and T4 are great Keyboards and will suffice for a lot of people.

Horses for Courses as they say.

I hope my review will be beneficial to those who are about to trade in or upgrade their keyboards

and thanks for reading. ”

Jim Robb

“I was so happy with my existing Tyros 3 and could not see any point in upgrading at

the age of 78 but the demo’s I attended soon changed my mind and the

help from David and Chris and the exchange price made up my mind and I

have not looked back . it is now 1 year since Chris installed my T5 for

me as I have a rather complicated setup as a twin set But Chis was not

deterred by this . completed the job he proceeded to  demonstrated the

difference of the new keyboard until I was satisfied.AND THAT WAS AFTER


Pete Daniel

Starting rather late in life I got myself a Tyros 3 some years ago.  I was looking for inspiration and found via the internet the site of “Tyros Tipsters”.  It was obvious when I first read the articles on that site that this was going to give me the push I needed to take my hobby further.  After reading the articles I decided to splash out and upgrade by Tyros 3 to the Tyros 5.  I contacted David and immediately knew I was in good hands.  However I didn’t live round the corner so had to arrange a set time and date to travel to Banbury in order to exchange the instruments.  David set aside time to go through the changes in the instrument and nothing was too much trouble. I cannot speak too highly of the professionalism shown by both David and Chris and it definitely was worth while travelling from my home in Scotland to Banbury.  I just wish I lived nearer in order to go to their sessions which after seeing the video look great.

Many thanks

Jeff Laurieston


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