The Genos Show Exclusive 2020 1 Episode
A TV style show by Genos players, with Genos players, for Genos players!

David Cooper and Chris Hammond (aka The Genos Tipsters) are your hosts in this brand new TV style show in which the star is the world-class Yamaha Genos workstation. The show includes easy-to-follow tutorials, competitions & giveaways, performances from David & Chris (plus special guests), viewers’ questions answered and much more exclusive content for Genos players to enjoy.

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Episode One

David looks at the superb recording facilities on Yamaha Genos and answers questions from some of our viewers. We also take a look at the Freeze button and how to use it. Finally, David performs ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder and shares his registration set up…

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May 2020
48 mins