Yamaha SX700 & SX900 ‘mini Genos.
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We bring the showroom to you with a collection of videos showcasing these brilliant keyboards…
David explains the similarities and differences between the flagship Yamaha Genos and the Yamaha SX900 ‘mini Genos’.
What exactly comes in the Yamaha SX900 ‘mini Genos’ box? – Isaac opens one up and reveals all.
Sam plays a long session in an episode of ‘The Booth’ exploring some of the excellent electric piano and string sounds.
David shows us how to play along with ‘real world’ backing tracks and sound like you’re playing with the group.
Chris uses the SX900’s excellent selection of styles and voices to create a perfect set-up for the Beatles ‘Long And Winding Road’. SX900 owners claim your free copy of his registration!
Chris explains how easy it is to control your voices using part-select on the Yamaha SX900 ‘mini Genos’
Let’s have a really close up look of the Yamaha SX900 ‘mini Genos’ with this walkaround video.
Chris (and little helper) explain how to keep track of your favourite voices and styles in this video.
Do you love the music of the 1980s? – The SX900 and SX700 have superb 80s styles with very authentic sounds included. Chris gives us a demonstration and walk though.
Let’s have a really close up look of the Yamaha SX700 ‘mini Genos’ with this walkaround video.