You Can Play Jazz Piano 3 – Soloing & Performing by Warren Bernhardt DVD pre owned


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In a far ranging conversation with noted record producer and Saturday Night Live musical director Hal Willner, Mac Rebennack (a.k.a. Dr John) performs his remarkable music, discusses his influences, and shares early musical memories and intriguing stories of a life in the music business.

For his third lesson in the series, jazz pianist Warren Bernhardt teams up with guitarist Mike DeMicco for a powerful session that will teach you new and dynamic musical ideas. This lesson is designed for players who have gotten past the basics in the jazz idiom and have an understanding of the underlying principles of keyboard technique. The wealth of ideas that Warren conveys will give you the tools to be more creative with your music, expand your repertoire and discover what jazz soloing is all about.

Warren teaches you four original jazz etudes, each illustrating different aspects of musical development. These culminate in his breakdown of three wonderful performance pieces: Mike DeMicco’s Pali Lookout, Mike Manieri’s Sara’s Touch and Warren’s own B-Loose Blues.

After demonstrating the basic form of each tune, Warren shows you how to start soloing using specific scales, rhythmic feels and chord structures. You’ll see Warren and Mike arrange and perform each tune, and the scales you’ll need for soloing and improvisation.

Aside from detailed musical instruction, Warren gives you invaluable advice on how to prepare a song for performance, play with other musicians and other essentials for becoming a complete jazz musician