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Used Yamaha PSR8000 Arranger Workstation Keyboard

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Yamaha PSR-8000 Arranger Workstation

The Ultimate Professional Keyboard

About This Keyboard

This PSR-8000 is a fantastic keyboard with so much to offer you.  Here is a more detailed specification on the amazing features that the keyboard has to offer you

Vocal Harmony

The answer to the vocalist’s dream. PSR8000’s Vocal Harmony function perfectly harmonizes your voice adding powerful enhancement to your singing. Have a backup chorus provide more depth and emotion to your next ballad. Add special effects to your performance. Vocal Harmony control data can be recorded in a sequencer track–great for live performance or making Karaoke disks.

Talk Button

Proudly introduce your next song using the Talk Button function. You can add a wide variety of digital effects, from reverb to pitch shifting, to your voice for even more entertainment enjoyment. Volume levels and effect settings can be easily customised and stored in memory.

Gender Function and Pitch Correction

Shift the pitch of your voice up or down while retaining human voice quality for a remarkably realistic effect. Sophisticated Vocal Pitch Correction finely adjusts the pitch of your voice to match the key of the music for a worry-free performance.

Direct Disk Play/Next Song

Never keep you audience waiting. The PSR8000 reads sequencer data directly from the floppy disk drive as the song plays, so there’s no waiting for songs to load. Plus, a Next Song Reserve function lets you respond immediately to audience requests by preparing the song data you want to play next.

Direct Access Button

No more searching through menus. Pressing any function button while holding down the Direct Access Button will take you directly to the parameter display related to that function. Great for quickly setting split points, part on/off, foot switches/volume, effect parameters, etc.

Registration Memory

Registration Memory adds powerful support to your stage performance by storing complete control panel setups, such as voice, style, and vocal settings, for instant recall. Even song selection can be memorized.

Loop Send/Return

A handy Send/Return Loop allows you to connect the PSR8000 to an external audio mixer. The mixed signal can then be fed back to the keyboard and monitored through the PSR8000’s built-in speakers.

Voice/Style List Customise

Create a customised list of the voices and music styles you use most for speedy access and convenience while on stage.

Outstanding, High-Quality Voices

Using highly non-destructive compression, the PSR8000 gives you 12 MB of amazing sounding voices including 261 multi-sampled panel voices, 13 drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices. Choose from the bright and lively Sweet Tenor, Flute, Trumpet and Clarinet series, a powerful Rotor Organ with a real sampled rotary speaker, and many, many more! A unique Organ Flute function lets you change footage settings on the display. Choose from a vintage organ wave or a pure sine wave.

214 Fantastic Music Styles

From standard 8 and 16-beat, to ballad and dance, the PSR8000 has the perfect accompaniment style for your music. All the styles make full use of XG control, effects, filters, etc., to make you sound your best. The One Touch Setting feature lets you select from four different texture variations for each style to find the accompaniment that’s right for you. You can also create your own custom styles and grooves.

9 Blocks of Digital Effects

An abundance of high-quality digital effects are at your disposal. Choose from 98 types of DSP, including 24 types of Reverb and 20 types of Chorus for accompaniment parts, and four blocks of DSP with 78 types of digital effects for voice parts and vocals. Use the unique Harmony/Echo to add a harmonious duet, trio, or tremelo effect to your playing. Its “MULTI” assignment function lets you easily create rich textures such as a realistic Big Band Brass sound.

Powerful Synthesiser

Unlike conventional arranger workstations, the PSR8000 provides complete synthesis control for creating custom voices including pitch, amp, and filter EGs. Full 64-note polyphony along with two dynamic filters per tone, further expand your expressive capabilities.

High-Capacity Memory Expandability

As your needs grow, so can the PSR8000’s memory. Sampling wave RAM is expandable up to 33 MB using pairs of optional SIMMs. An internal hard disk of up to 780 MB can also be installed.

MIDI Setup Templates

The PSR8000’s MIDI Template function provides instant support for a variety of connections such as PC, external tone generators, MIDI accordion, etc.

CD Quality Sampler

Add a creative edge to your music and performance with the built-in professional sampler. Featuring 16-bit 44.1 kHz mono sampling and detailed loop editing, the PSR8000 lets you capture literally any sound via its Mic input. Samples can then be edited, synthesised, and mapped out on the keyboard. Further customise your samples by adding up to three blocks of pre-effects. A long sampling time of 6 min. 30 sec. can be achieved when fully expanded. You can also import any WAV and AIFF file.

On-Board Automated Mixer

Get professional production results with the PSR8000’s powerful Mixing Console function. Separate two band EQ for each of the 29 parts, plus a 5-band master EQ with gain, band width, and frequency control give you ultimate control over your sound. Top off the mix by choosing from nine blocks of DSP effects. Volume, panning, and other parameters can be recorded by the sequencer for fully automated production. You can use the mixer to control other MIDI equipment in your studio.

Fully-Editable Custom Styles and Groove Styles

On top of the detailed selection of music styles, the PSR8000 gives you the power to fully edit and create your own styles based on Yamaha’s Style File format. With the Groove and Dynamics function, subtle aspects of the style’s groove can be precisely controlled. A 16-beat ballad can be effortlessly transformed into the latest hip hop beat. Instrument and percussion parts can be revoiced or muted. The possibilities are endless!

16-Track Sequencer

The sophisticated on-board sequencer allows a large recording capacity of up to 130,000 notes (2HD FD). Quick Record mode makes for quick and easy recording and editing, while Multitrack Record mode allows independent recording and playback of up to 16 tracks.

Computer Connectivity

A built-in To Host Terminal allows direct connection to a personal computer so you can take advantage of the wide selection of music software available on the market.

Size / Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D): 1058mm x 178mm x 446mm (41.5 x 7 x 17.5 inches

Weight: 16.0 kg


It is important to remember that when buying a used keyboard it may not operate or look exactly like a new one. Used keyboards develop wear over time that can cause such items as function buttons, knobs, sliders etc. to fail to operate as smoothly or easily as when they were new.

Our technician does check these items and if they are deemed unusable they are replaced but some function buttons may require more pressure or manipulation to make the appropriate changes. Cosmetically your used keyboard may have scuffs, scratches, cracks to plastic pieces, discoloured keys or other visual impairments that might not show up in the photos. We try to mention any obvious visual imperfections but may not consider them serious enough to post in the listing.




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