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Used Yamaha Electone AR100 Organ

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What makes the AR Series so special?

New tone generation for the most realistic voices you have ever heard, Superbly elegant cabinet for that traditional organ appearance, Easy to operate control panel, Flute volume controls give total flexibility for organ sounds, Additional specialist organ voices, Six tremolo variations, 160 new orchestrated rhythm styles, Full range of professional-quality digital effects.


The AR Series is the perfect marriage of refined styling, ease of use, and advanced music-making technology. Beautiful, traditionally-styled wooden cabinets match any decor. Extensive, dedicated controls put virtually all of the multiple functions right at your fingertips. And the incredible selection of classic organ sounds, lifelike, orchestral voices and dynamic percussion instruments are sure to satisfy the most demanding musician.

Classic Organ Sounds

With the AR series you get dedicated organ variations for Theatre, Jazz, Electronic and Classical voicing. So you can enjoy all the classic organ sounds from jazz and pop to church and theatre. There are even extra, specialist organ voices for ultimate realism. Extensive dedicated controls for the upper and lower keyboards let you adjust flute volume, attack/chiff, length and percussive key click to create exactly the organ sound you want.

Wide Selection of Orchestral Voices

An enormous selection of other instrument voices, from brass and woodwinds to piano and strings, puts an entire orchestra at your fingertips. And they’re totally lifelike sounds, thanks to Yamaha’s unique AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation. AWM starts with digital recordings of the actual instrument, and then filters them according to your touch on the keyboard. So you can express everything from the forceful rasp of an overblown saxophone to the delicate tone of a pianissimo piano.

Total Ease of Operation

You want to spend your time making music, not trying to find your way around complicated operating systems. That’s why the AR Series has separate, dedicated buttons to control virtually all of its functions from voice selection to tone editing. Instead of scrolling through screen after screen to reach the adjustment you want, in most cases you just press a single control button. It’s that easy to take advantage of the full range of edit functions.

One-Touch Registration Changes

A vast selection of 384 (AR100) or 288 (AR80) preset registration memories, programmed by Electone professionals to match specific instrument combinations and musical styles, allows you to instantly change all the settings as you play. What’s more, you can also build your own registrations and save them to the registration memory for one-touch recall. And if both hands are busy, you can even select registrations from a footswitch.

Powerful Rhythm Patterns and Drum Sounds

A total of 160 preprogrammed patterns gives you rhythm accompaniments in almost any style you can think of, allowing you to sound like a professional no matter what your playing level. And there’s more, because you also get intros, fills and endings to avoid the mechanical lifelessness of conventional drum machines. Of course, you can also play the incredibly lifelike percussion instruments from the keyboard and record your performance, to create your own custom rhythm patterns.

Play Ensemble with Auto Accompaniment

The AR Series also offers sophisticated auto accompaniment functions so you can sound like an ensemble even when you play alone. ABC (Auto Bass Chord) automatically adds bass lines and chord voicing to whatever you play – even with as little as just one finger. And Melody On Chord automatically harmonizes upper keyboard melodies with the chords you play on the lower keyboard.

Built-In Multi-Track Recording

The Music Disk Recorder functions like the expensive digital multi-track recorders found in professional recording studios. So you can record your music one part at a time (upper keyboard, lower keyboard, foot pedals, lead, and rhythm) to create finished performances too difficult or complicated to play live. In addition, you can use the Music Disk Recorder to save registration data for instant recall at any time.

High Power Amplification

The incredibly lifelike voices of the AR Series demand high power amplification. And that’s what they get in full measure, with a tremendous 340 watts in the AR100 and 200 watts of smooth power in the AR80. With so much power to spare, the amplifiers are always working comfortably within their capacity, so the sound never sounds harsh or distorted, just beautifully natural and true to life.