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Original Specification:

The new CLP Clavinovas. Styled with the classic elegance of a grand piano. Featuring new Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM tone generation for unmatched sonic realism, and the GH keyboard for unrivaled touch response, plus a broad selection of features to further your artistry. All housed in luxurious, softly glowing woodgrain finish cabinets. The Clavinova is, first and foremost, a piano, definitely the most versatile of instruments, and the CLP-970AM is Yamaha’s proud answer to the question, “Just how realistic can a digital piano sound?” Play it for yourself and you’ll discover the astonishing answer. It’s the result of 100 years’ experience in crafting acoustic pianos and nearly 20 years as the leader in digital pianos – a genre of instrument we pioneered. Now with new stereo multi-samples, industry-leading tone generation and keyboard response, the CLP-970AM gives the definitive answer to the question. • Woodgrain cabinet with Mahogany (CLP-970AM shown), Dark Rosewood ( 2191 LNK CLP-970A ), or Cherry ( 2194 LNK CLP-970AC ) finish • 88-key GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard • 4-position touch sensitivity • 25 voices • 128-note polyphony (maximum) • PC interface • Split voice • Dual voice • Digital reverb • Digital effects • Brilliance • 16-track song recorder • Internal song memory • 7 temperaments • 60W x 2 amplifier • Metronome • Three foot pedals with half pedal effect • MIDI • New sliding key cover • Dual headphone jacks • 50 built-in demonstration songs with sheet music • New 5-step Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation with Stereo Sustain Samples, Key-Off Samples, Soundboard Reverb and String Resonance

Hear the ultimate

How do you improve the finest? This is always the challenge facing the engineers at Yamaha. So for these new Clavinovas, they set out to create the ultimate in instrument realism, far surpassing CD-quality sound. Of course, they started from an industry-leading position, with AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation, the system that actually varies the volume and timbre of sound according to your touch on the keyboard. Then they employed new technology to take entirely new stereo samples of a specially selected Yamaha CFIlIS concert grand piano. Thanks to the vast increase of sample memory, the CLP970AM delivers even more of the vivid life and realism musicians demand.

Dynamic “Stereo” Sampling

The Yamaha engineers built the ultimate into the CLP-970AM: AWM with Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS). With DSS, each key features five samples taken at various levels from loud to soft, for dynamic selection according to your touch on the keyboard. This means the velocity of the original sound is much closer to what you play, leaving the AWM tone generation system with less digital filtering to carry out. The result is a delicacy of tone and expression that is virtually indistinguishable from that of a grand piano.

String resonance

When you play a key on the piano, you hear more than just a single note. For example, if you press C1 so lightly you hear no sound and hold the key down while you play C2, G2, C3, E3, G3, A#3 or other harmonic intervals; these notes will cause the C1 string to resonate. Even after you release the harmonic notes, the C1 string will continue to ring while the key is depressed. This is string resonance. Conversely, if you hold down the keys of the harmony notes and play the fundamental, C1 in this example, these strings will resonate. During an actual performance, the mutual relationship between the notes played creates complex resonances. This is one of the major factors that make an acoustic piano sound so full and rich. And to give the CLP-970AM the same richly detailed sound, string resonance samples are included to bring the sound one step closer to perfection.

Touch the ultimate

The sound is unmatched, and so is the touch, thanks to the GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard. Offering the ultimate in grand piano realism, the GH keyboard is the fruit of Yamaha’s century-plus of crafting the finest acoustic pianos. Unlike conventional digital piano keyboards that use springs or oil dampers to simulate a piano feel, the GH keyboard uses weights and mechanical linkages to achieve an entirely new level of realism. And to go even further, the key weight is graded from heavier in the lower registers to lighter in the higher, exactly the same as a grand piano’s. It is as close as you can get to the real thing.

Broad selection of voices

A wide range of voices, including new sampled stereo grand piano and other stereo-sampled instruments, gives you an enormous palette of musical instruments. Thanks to enlarged sample memory and Yamaha’s advanced technology, all of the Clavinova’s voices are tremendously improved. Take a listen to the CLP-970AM for some dramatic examples – for instance the harpsichord’s key-off sample or the DSS effect on vibes and you’ll instantly hear the difference. No matter what your style of music, you have the instruments and the realism you need to give free range to your creativity and make your music come alive.

New speaker system

To deliver the newest sampled instrument voices with all the power and authority they deserve, the CLP-970AM features a new speaker system and high power stereo amplifier. With 60W per channel, the amplifier easily delivers the dynamic range of a grand piano. The CLP-970AM features 16cm polypropylene woofers and 5cm tweeters in wooden enclosures facing you above the keyboard, with 5cm tweeters located above the keyboard. The result is astonishingly lifelike power.

A choice of finishes

Superb quality demands a superb, woodgrain finish cabinet and that’s what the new Clavinovas offer with their glowing wood finishes. This Clavinova is available with Mahogany (CLP-970AM), Cherry ( 2194 LNK CLP-970AC ) or Dark Rosewood ( 2191 LNK CLP-970A ) cabinet, so you can choose the look that matches your decor.

Internal song memory

The large internal song memory — 770KB flash ROM — lets you record and store up to 223 songs. Your song data remains in memory even after you switch power off.


You may have heard of GM (General MIDI), the industry standard that lets different manufacturer’s MIDI instruments communicate with each other. Yamaha has extended GM with XG, offering all the features of GM plus more. You get an extra 480 XG voices accessible from PC sequencing software allowing you to create dense, orchestral-style arrangements, also get remote control via MIDI of certain editing features such as reverb, chorus, etc. It’s just one more way that Yamaha makes the Clavinova even more versatile.

Song recorder

Think of the built-in recorder as your personal digital recording studio. With the CLP-970AM’s 16 tracks, you can build complicated multi-part arrangements instrument by instrument, to craft arrangements symphonic in their scope, which you can then save to the internal memory, or on your PC.

PC interface

A single cable is all it takes to connect the CLP Clavinova to your Windows® or Macintosh® personal computer via the built-in TO HOST PC interface: there’s no need for costly additional hardware or software. Then you are ready to enter a new and limitless world of music. You can use PC-based sequencing software to record and play back your performances. The wide range of playback software now available offers you a new style of background music. And if you wish, you can use an instructional software package to learn music theory or improve your playing. You can also access the CLP-970AM’s 480 built-in XG voices from your PC via MIDI.

Extended polyphony

Digital pianos sometimes run out of notes, especially if you are playing many notes with the sustain pedal held down. You can actually hear existing notes being cut off as the instrument has to “steal” them to play the new notes you finger. Thanks to the CLP-970AM’s unprecedented 128-note polyphony (plus an additional 32-note polyphony for XG voices!). Yamaha’s new “intelligent” key assigner software, note cutoffs are greatly reduced and virtually unnoticeable.

Digital reverb and digital effects

The built-in digital reverb allows you to add room ambience and bring more life and depth to your music. A selection of room sizes, including stage ambience, lets you get exactly the effect you want. Yet another way to bring the CLP’s stunningly lifelike voices even closer to your creative vision is the use of digital effects. Chorus and delay let you thicken or add depth to any voice you choose, and the CLP-970AM even offers a brilliance setting to let you continuously vary the timbre of a voice from a mellow laid-back tone to a bright tone that cuts through dense arrangements.

Dual mode and split mode

Use dual mode to stack two different instrument voices together and play them simultaneously. A good example of the extra dynamic richness you can achieve is choir and piano. Play staccato and you hear just the piano. Play legato, and the choir adds a beautiful extra dimension. Split mode lets you play duet with yourself. Simply set the split point, choose the two instruments you wish to play (for example you could have an upright bass in your left hand and a vibraphone in your right) and you are an instant duo. The CLP-970AM even lets you use dual and split modes together for a new level of freedom of musical expression.

Half pedal effect

The CLP-970AM offers a half-pedal effect on the right pedal. Depending on the degree to which you depress the pedal, you can control sustain or enjoy a pitch bend function.


  • Woodgrain cabinet with dark rosewood ( CLP970 )-mahogany ( CLP970M )-cherry finish ( CLP970C )
  • 88 key Graded Hammer Action keyboard
  • 4 position touch sensitivity
  • New five step dynamic stereo sampling
  • AWM tone generation with stereo sustain samples, key off samples, sound board reverb, and string resonance
  • 25 voices
  • 128 note polyphony
  • PC interface
  • split voice
  • dual voice
  • digital reverb
  • digital effects
  • brilliance
  • 16 track song recorder
  • internal song memory
  • floppy disk drive with XG/GM sound source
  • 7 temperaments
  • 60 wx2 amplifier metronome
  • 3 foot pedals with half pedal effect
  • MIDI
  • new sliding key cover
  • dual headphone jacks
  • 50 built in demonstration piano songs with sheet music

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