Used Yamaha Clavinova CVP509 in Polished Ebony


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Equipped with a diverse range of voices and advanced functions, the Clavinova CVP models epitomise Yamaha digital pianos. Since their debut in 1983, they have evolved to the point of maturity over a quarter of a century, gaining a larger speaker box and body for high-quality sound and advanced functionality, together with a wealth of curved surfaces and lines to add a “richness” of form, following a philosophy of augmentation to add value.
Lifestyles have also changed however, and many people choose a digital piano over an upright. For these users, the Clavinova is a piano, and it was this perspective that became the starting point for the design of the new CVP. We considered questions such as what creates the beauty of the grand piano, or which elements of the past CVP heritage should be continued in the new CVP, arriving at the conclusion that the new design should feature open horizontal planes based on straight lines and flat surfaces, with a solid-feeling body supported by stylish legs, offering a feeling of comfortable tension. We removed as many curves as possible on the new CVP, and reevaluated the structure and size of the body, speaker box, and pedal box, to give the instrument a new silhouette. The new form features legs that have been moved from the center of the instrument to its extreme front, and have been redesigned with a completely new shape, offering a precise, elegant form when standing. Undoubtedly, the CVP-503 takes a different path from the “larger, more multifunctional, and more complicated” evolution of CVP models thus far. It represents a complete turnaround from these models, following a “subtract to add value” approach that conveys the designer’s intents with purity, and offers a clear path for future Clavinovas to follow.