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A fantastic preowned Yamaha CLP- 170 in the colour Rosewood.

The CLP-170 is a Graded Hammer 3 keyboard with Yamaha’s high-quality Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation, whose piano sound is made up of CD-quality stereo samples that dynamically adjust according to touch. The CLP-170 is designed for the player who is looking for a true piano feel and sound with a large range of voices, connectivity to computers for expanded operation, and the introduced iAFC effect function for a truly realistic acoustic sound. It combines state-of-the-art technology with elegant design. Available in a choice of four attractive woodgrain cabinets, Dark Rosewood, Cherry, Mahogany or Ebony with the same polished finish as a grand piano, to make a handsome addition to any room.

A perfect blend of innovation and style

It’s all here in the CLP Clavinovas. The stylish elegance of a grand piano. Improved piano samples for incredibly realistic sound.A great level of touch response with the GH3 keyboard.And iAFC to provide an even more natural, spacious piano sound. Cutting-edge technology has never looked so good the CLP Clavinovas.
Natural Feel with the GH3 Keyboard

This innovative keyboard offers a fabulous level of grand piano realism. Like the previous GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard, the GH3 uses a weighted mechanism and grade-weighted keys (gradually heavier, top to bottom) to provide a natural feel. But to go even further, each key features a damper mechanism with two velocity sensors that enables rapid playing of a single key without the break in the sound that occurs with conventional electronic pianos. Each key also has reduced spring load to absorb the shock when you play, taking the strain off your fingers in the same way as a back check mechanism. You’ll particularly notice the difference it makes when playing energetic passages.
Take to the stage iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control)

Yamaha developed this advanced technology to bring you even more performance enjoyment. It outputs sound picked up by internal microphones through built-in rear speakers. Automatic adjustments are then made to create a richer sound that best matches the acoustic characteristics of the room you’re playing in. It also uses signal processing to reproduce an authentic damper effect. You’ll notice the difference the three types of iAFC make as soon as you start playing.
SEE (Spatial Ensemble Effect)

This reproduces the reverberations and resonances of a real stage performance for a much more spacious, more natural sound. What’s more, thanks to the built-in microphone, the same effect can be added to the sound of an accompanying musician to create the dynamic atmosphere of a live duet performance. You can also enjoy this "stage" effect when singing as you play.
NSB (Natural Soundboard)

By using sound picked up by a microphone to create a "virtual soundboard", NSB assures an expansive, more natural sound.
DDE (Dynamic Damper Effect)

DDE recreates the subtle resonances that occur when you press the damper pedal down on a grand piano. Instead of using the microphone, it does this by sending a discrete set of samples out the rear speakers to create a clear sense of depth.
AMW Tone Generation and New Piano Samples

Taken at different levels from loud to soft, these new samples provide subtle differences in volume and timbre depending on how heavy or light your touch is. In addition, the CLP-170 offers Stereo Sustain and Key-off samples. Stereo Sustain Samples recreate the resonances of the strings and soundboard when the damper pedal is pressed that contribute to the unique sound of a grand piano. Key-off samples provide the delicate sound keys make when they are released for another touch of realism.To take you even closer to authentic grand piano performance pleasure, the CLP-170 comes with String Resonance samples to provide the complex resonances that make acoustic piano sound so rich and full.
Selection of Voices, Choice of Finishes

Besides new piano samples, you get a choice of other stereo-sampled musical instruments to perform with. And thanks to enlarged memory, these sample sounds are better than ever, providing added realism for more music playing enjoyment. But Yamaha Clavinovas aren’t designed just for sound they also feature an attractive, elegant finish ideal for modern interiors.

As well as a built-in TO HOST PC interface, the CLP-170 features a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. Now moving songs from your PC to your Clavinova is as easy as "drag and drop". If you access the Internet with your PC, be sure to visit 8006 LNK Yamaha Musicsoft . Here you’ll find a wealth of information about software for Clavinovas including the latest innovation in computer music interactivity Scorch. Scorch is a cutting-edge technology from music software developers that lets you purchase desired selections by downloading from the Web site at the click of a mouse. You can download MIDI song data and music score data as a set, and while displaying the score on your PC’s monitor, have the CLP play the song, or print out the score.
Music Book "50 Greats for the Piano"

Sheet music, for the built-in demonstration songs, is included with CLP-170. The book is filled with standard classical and contemporary repertoire pieces for both beginning and advanced pianists. If you’re just starting out at the piano, these are pieces you’ll eventually be learning. If you are an accomplished pianist, you probably already know many of these pieces. What’s more, the right and left hand parts of each piece has been recorded separately. This allows the Clavinova to play one hand for you, while you practice the other hand. You can even slow down the recordings to your comfort level of tempo.