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The Sensation features a world wide selection of dynamic rhythm styles.

Lowrey’s unique, easy-to-use, rhythm control features provide the player with the power to manipulate the 126 styles
as they please. Each blue style button holds a total of six distinctive rhythm variations.

For example, press the blue Broadway button and you get a style called Opener. Press the blue Variation 1 button and you get Sleigh Bells. The Variation 2 button holds a style called Theatre Organ. Press both Variation buttons at the same time for More! Two additional variation categories appear on the Color Touch Screen: Mellow – New York Swing and Exciting – Vegas Big

Adding to all this variety is the Sensation’s numerous easy-play and rhythm control features. Control how much of a style is heard with Genie and Orch Plus. Drum Variation changes the drum pattern in a style and Drum Only plays just the drum portion of a style. Alter Style makes changes to a rhythm style, adding even more variety to the rhythm section. Auto Bass 1 or Auto Bass 2 plays the bass pedals for you. MCS is Lowrey’s famous easy-play chord system and Memory holds the last MCS chord played even after the key is released. Intro/Ending adds professionally-scored beginnings and endings to your songs. Start Stop begins and pauses a style. Add a break or fill-in with FX. Fade-Out causes the ending of a style to slowly fade away at the end of a song.

The 116 Rhythm Styles feature an additional Minor Chord Introduction. In addition to the regular Introduction, these styles have a unique Introduction when started by playing a Minor Chord.