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The new Korg EK-50 arranger keyboard is small but powerful and does well to punch above its weight in this price category against other brands. The EK50 has a well-designed, user-friendly panel layout. Loaded with more than 700 high-quality voices and a whole range of backing musical styles, the EK50 is great for playing on your own as a one-man-band or as part of a group.

High-Quality Arranger Styles
At the heart of the EK50 are over 280 preset musical styles, covering musical genres from all over the World including Pop, Rock, Dance, Ballroom, Latin, Broadway Stage, Entertainer, Classical and many more. The accompaniment arrangements can be controlled with either single-finger or multi-finger chord modes. You’ve got an instant backing-band at your fingertips and the accompaniment styles are programmed in extreme detail – just like Korg’s flagship arranger workstation keyboards.

Each onboard style is equipped with four Single Touch Settings (STS) which provide the player with a choice of expertly programmed voice presets which are appropriate for each of the 280+ musical styles. Each music style has an intro, ending and four variations to ensure your performance is varied and musical.

Pro Quality Sounds
There are over 700 realistic instruments, synth and effect sounds contained in the EK50. Voices can be layered together which allows for a nice blend of two instruments, meaning you can play piano layered with stings or a pad behind it to allow for warm room-filling sounds all at the touch of a button. There is also the option to split your voices in ways such as an acoustic bass in the left-hand guitar in the right allowing for the small combo band sound – all from one instrument.

Lightweight & Battery Power Option
Light in weight at only 7.5kg the EK-50 is extremely portable making transportation extremely easy and convenient. The EK-50 also has the option to run on AA batteries for up to approx 5 hours on full power (it’s supplied with an AC mains adaptor in the box). The battery option makes it a great choice for musicians on the move who need something to take on the road for convenient practice anytime, anywhere. The EK50 is also ideal anyone looking to busk without using an external power source.

The EK50 has powerful 10W + 10W stereo speakers which provide more than enough power for home use and practice. You can also connect external devices such as mobile phones or tablets through the input jack to utilise the onboard speakers.

Korg EK50 Main Features

  • 61 Velocity sensitive keys
  • Illuminated control elements
  • Over 700 sounds (256 STS), 280 styles + over 16 music styles (4 variations)
  • Flexible songplayer (MIDI, MP3 and WAV format)
  • Powerful speaker system (2 x 10 W)
  • Programmable set list (4 x 10 banks)
  • 64 Voice polyphony
  • 4 Way joystick
  • Connections: Line OUT, USB, Pedal, Headphones, Audio In (Smartphone)
  • Battery operation possible for mobile use (up to 7 hours)
  • Song recorder
  • Operating system can be updated
  • Dimensions (without music stand): 994 x 392 x 132 mm (height with music stand: 329 mm)
  • Weight: 7.5 kg