Tyros Tipsters DVD Boxset Compilation (Series 1, 2 and 3)


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A compilation of all 3 series of the Tyros Tipsters DVDs.

These DVDs include a selection of the award winning help videos available on this website and exclusive extra content not available online.

David and Chris guide you through many of the features on the Yamaha Tyros keyboard and share many of their expert tips and tricks along the way! You can select a particular subject to watch on the DVDs or just watch the whole DVD set from start to finish, you’re sure to find something to help you with your playing.

The complete list of subjects covered on these DVDs are as follows:
Series 1:
1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    Play like a pro

4.    Using ‘Music finder’ (part 1)

5.    The ‘Break’ button

6.    Get a nice piano sound (Tyros 3 onwards)

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Using registrations

9.    Pedals & foot switches (part 1)

10.    Using ‘Direct access’ button

11.    The “Sync-Start’ button

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Using Part selection
Series 2:
1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    Get a nice organ sound

4.    Hidden sounds

5.    Parameter lock

6.    Pitch bend & Harmony

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Pedals & foot switches pt 2

9.    Using ‘Music finder’ pt 2

10.    Navigating menus (T3 onwards)

11.    Using USB memory sticks (T2 onwards)

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Editing voices
Series 3:

1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    The ‘Assign’ slider (T3 onwards)

4.    The ‘Channel’ button

5.    Using an iPad (T5 only)

6.    Firmware updates

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Selecting voices

9.    Changing OTS

10.    Mixing sounds

11.    Saving blank registration batch

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Using Multi-Pads