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Used Technics KN7000 Arranger Keyboard – DUE IN SOON (Reserve Now)

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An All In One Musical Solution: Technics KN7000

Musical excellence combines with Digital Networking and the incredible SD Memory Card to bring you the most powerful KN Keyboard ever. Add to this Technics’ design ingenuity and legendary ease of use and the stage is set for something remarkable.

Outstanding Musical Performance

Sound Quality: A Technics Tradition

Dynamic PCM means that the sounds you hear are literally digital recordings of real instruments. But Technics samples only top session musicians and demands the best from them to bring you sounds that are dynamic, expressive and inspiring.

Vintage Organ

Organ sounds are enduringly popular and in tribute to this the KN7000 has a battery of Organ related sounds and features. Digital Drawbars are joined by new, exquisitely sampled B3 and rotary speaker sounds recreating the classic tone wheel sound. And the all new Organ Tabs feature gives you detailed control over organ footages with a choice of European Electronic Organ, USA Electronic Organ and Theatre Pipe Organ.

Each organ type is set up with a suitable rotary speaker effect and in the case of Theatre Pipes, separate tremulants for three sections of the organ. With detailed samples of the original instruments and meticulous effects settings it’s never been easier to play great organ sounds on a keyboard!

Enjoy playing bass pedals? Just add a set of Midi bass pedals, set the Midi input switch from Midi to Bass Pedals and brush up your footwork!

NX Sound: Technics’ Sound Format

The NX Sound Format ensures compatibility with Previous Technics products, GM and GM2 and many other Industry software.

The Technics sx-KN7000

Digital Keyboard with Built-in SD Slot, 128-Note Polyphony, 1,236 Sounds, and Wide-Screen Colour LCD Display.

Technics KN7000 Specifications

Keyboard61 keys (with initial touch)
Sound GeneratorDynamic PCM
Maximum Polyphony128 notes
Number of Sounds1,187 sounds plus 2 organ drawbars, 3 organ tabse, 3 accordion registers, and 41 drum kits
SoundsPiano, Guitar, Strings & Vocal, Brass, Mallet & Orch Perc, World, Organ & Accordion, Sax & Woodwind, Pad, Synth, Bass, Drum Kits, Digital Drawbar, Organ Tabs, Accordion Register, Memory
Sound Explorer
EffectsPART: sound DSP, digital effect, sustainGLOBAL: reverb, chorus, multi, mic
Conductorright 1, right 2, left
Transpose2 octave : C (-1 octave) ˜ C ˜ C (+1 octave)
Number of RhythmsPreset: 220 patterns x 4 variations (8 parts with 2 DSP effects), intro/ending minor sequenceCustom Style: 20 patterns with registration
Rhythm Group8 & 16 Beat, Rock & Pop, Ballad, Jazz & Swing, Soul & R&B, Modern Dance, Country & Western, Organist, March & Waltz, 60’s & 70’s Ballroom, Latin & World, Entertainer, Movie & Show
Controlsmain volume, APC/sequencer volume, line in volume, SD volume, mic volume, balance, mute, conductor, start/stop, intro & ending 1, intro & ending 2, fill in 1, fill in 2, count intro, synchro & break, tempo/program, tap tempo, fade in/out,
Chord Finder
One-Touch Play
Sound Arranger
Music Style Arranger
MIDIpart setting, control messages, real time messages, common setting, input/output setting, MIDI presets, mode setting, program change MIDI out, panel memory output, computer connection
Customizehome page setting, favorite setting, display time out, wallpaper setting, custom panel made, MID setting load option, language setting, disk preference, data protection, video out setting
Sound Editeasy edit, tone, pitch, filter, amplitude, LFO, effect, controllermemory: 40, 1 user drum kit
Sequencer Storage Capacityapprox. 40,000 notes, 10 songs max, 16 track recording
Sequencer Resolution1/96 per beat
Sequencer Recording Modeseasy record, real time record, step record
Sequencer Functionsrecord & edit, copy & paste, range edit, naming, panel write
Composer Storage Capacityapprox. 13,000 notes
Composer Parts8 parts (bass, accomp 1-5, drums 1, 2)
Composer Recording Modeseasy composer, real time record, step record
Composer Functionspattern copy, custom style copy, sequencer to composer copy, load single composer, DSP set, chord modify set
Composer Memory3 banks x 20 patterns (variations 1-4, intro 1, 2, fill in 1, 2, ending 1, 2)
Program MenusSound Setting: part setting, mixer, master tuning, key scaling, techni-chord, sound load option, APC reverb setting, monitor setting, separate settingSound Edit: easy edit, tone, pitch, filter, amplitude, LFO, effect, controller memor
Demo12 songs with slide show
Panel Memory13 banks (10 banks + 3 work banks) x 8, set, next bank, bank view, custom panel
Performance Pads6 pads x 26 banks with solo (preset bank x 20, pads user bank x 3: storage capacity = approx. 1,800 notes, compile bank x 2, control preset bank x 1)Functions: stop, auto setting
CompatibilityNX, GM2, GM, SMF w/ Lyrics
Music Stylist1,080 music styles
Selection: musical category, musical era, alphabetical list, custom stylist
Direct PlaySMF (0/1), PianoDisc®, DOCTM
DisplayWide Color Graphic LCD (640 x 240 dots), page, contrast, exit, display hold
Terminalsphones, main out (R/MONO, L), line out (R/MONO, L), aux in (R/MONO, L), sub out 1, sub out 2, mic input, foot switch 1, foot switch 2, foot controller, exp pedal, MIDI (IN/BASS pedal, OUT, THRU), video out, USB
Output66W (18W x 2 for mid/high, 30W x 1 for bass)
Speakers12cm (4 23/32″) x 26.5cm (2 9/16″) x 2 for mid/high14cm (5 1/2″) x 1 for bass
Included Accessoriesmusic stand, AC cord, style convert disk, initial data disk, application and USB driver CD-ROM for PC, SD Memory Card
Microphone Input
Key Scaling
Disk Drivebuilt-in 3.5″ floppy disk drive for 2HD (1.44MB)/2DD (720kB) disks
One Touch Play
Music Style Arranger
Auto Play Chord
Sound Memory*ALT*40 sound memories, 1 user drum kit
SD Memory Card
Controllerpitch bend, modulation
USB Port
Dynamic PCM Sound Source
Explosive Sound System
Organist, Entertainer, and Movie & Show Rhythms
NX Sound with Expandability
Brass Simulator
Vocal Harmonizer
16-Track Sequencer
Eight-Track Composer
Customizable Color LCD
Separate DSP Effects and Mixing
MIDI Jacks
Dimensions (H x W x D)6 11/16” x 44 7/8” x 16 1/8”
Weight38.80 lbs

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