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The AT80R provides a rich array of organ sounds including pipe organ, theatre organ and jazz organ sounds. Also, high-quality brass, flute, strings, etc. have been added to allow even wider range of musical expression.

In addition to its diverse organ voices, the AT-80R series instruments also offer unique vocals, such as ‘Jazz Scat’ and vocalised phrases such as ‘Amen’.

The AT-80R’s Harmony Intelligence function detects chords played on the Lower keyboard and automatically adds harmony to what is played on the Upper keyboard. This allows you to add harmonic richness to your playing and create a more impressive performance. New on the AT-80R is a Harp-type Harmony Intelligence feature that lets you easily simulate the beautiful sonorities of a harp.

The wood grain design conveys a warm impression and the finely crafted cabinet, with soft illumination, projects a sense of elegance.

The large colour-coded buttons are organised by function and laid out with an emphasis on ease of realtime operation. All models of the Altelier series use the same button arrangement, so that even beginners on the organ will be able to operate the instrument easily.

The AT-80R contains 136 different Rhythms so you can enjoy playing along with the Rhythms of a variety of musical genres. In addition, the Arranger function lets you play an Automatic Accompaniment suitable for the Rhythm simply by using the Lower keyboard to specify a chord.

The Rhythm (Disk) button already contains 12 different Rhythms but you can overwrite these with Rhythms loaded from a music style disk. When Rhythm data from the disk is loaded into the internal memory, it will not be lost even if the power is turned off. It is convenient to load frequently-used disk Rhythms into the internal memory.

The built-in composer features tape recorder-like operation. In addition to using the composer to easily record your playing, you can load SMF format music data and play and along with it.

Since the AT-80R can save music data in SMF format, music data you create using an Altelier series organ can be easily edited on an external sequencer.

The AT-80R features a 76-note lower keyboard with initial touch capable of conveying every dynamic nuance of your playing, plus a damper pedal – ideal for when you want to use expressive piano-style playing techniques. The expansive 76-note keyboard can be split into two or more sections, allowing you to independently play a solo voice, pedal bass voice, or percussion for even more expressive possibilities.

Since the lower keyboard can be divided into up to four parts, the lower keyboard can function essentially as four lower keyboards!

The Manual Drums function lets you play drum sounds or sound effects across the entire lower keyboard.