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Used Yamaha Stagea D Deck DDK-7 Organ


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Richly textured, 4-layer AWM Voices

A huge amount of exceptionally high-quality Voices – 415 altogether – created with the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation system. The authentic touch response keyboard lets you play these Voices with all expressiveness and control of an actual acoustic instrument.

High Quality Digital Effects with 15 categories/ 183 variations

There are 183 different effect types in 15 categories that you can apply to each Voice section, letting you enhance and even completely change the character of the Voices, without needing to use the Voice Edit features.

Dynamic, Contemporary Rhythm and Auto Accompaniment

The exceptionally wide selection of 274 rhythms lets you choose exactly the rhythm you need for your performance. Each Rhythm contains 15 sections – such as Main, Fill, Intro, Ending and Break – that you can easily switch whilst you play to make your performance sound even more dynamic and professional. Each rhythm has its own matching accompaniment divided into five instrument parts, providing basic backing as well as embellishments.

Wide Variety of Registration Menus

The Registration Menu buttons feature a total of 288 registrations, allowing you to instantly set up the DDK-7 for playing your favorite types of music. The Registrations in the Registration Menu are divided into six basic categories for ease of selection. Moreover, you can edit any of the Registrations and customize them to fit your own performance needs.

2nd Expression Pedal for controlling Pitch Bend and Rhythm Tempo

The 2nd Expression Pedal can be used to control the Pitch Bend and the Tempo of the Rhythm.

6.5-inch large TFT color display with intuitive Touch Panel Operation

This large LCD display not only lets you clearly see a wide selection of settings and parameters at almost any angle, it also serves as a touch control panel letting you intuitively make selections and adjust settings simply by touching the screen! Once you touch a setting, you can even adjust it in finer detail if necessary using the Data Control dial.

Music Data Recorder with Versatile Functions

The DDK-7 also features a Music Data Recorder (MDR) for recording your registrations and performances to USB flash memory and playing back those performances using the sounds of the DDK-7. In addition, the MDR allows you to copy a song from one USB flash memory device to another, letting you archive your important recordings and registration data.

Organ Flutes Voice

The Organ Flutes feature allows you to create your own organ Voices, giving you access to an unlimited combination of organ sounds. With this function, you can recreate all the classic organ sounds by adjusting the flute footage levels and the percussive sounds, just like on conventional organs. There are nine flute footage settings, with three additional footage settings for the attack sound.