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Outstanding professional sound quality and styles at unprecedented price points mark out new Yamaha keyboards

The PSR2100 is loaded with amazing voices. In fact, there are well over seven hundred sounds including beautiful grand pianos, rich acoustic instruments, sparkling synthesisers and a full set of Yamaha XG voices. You can rest assured that XG and General MIDI sequences will sound their best when played back on the PSR2100.Yamaha’s highly-acclaimed and exclusive “Sweet”, “Cool” and “Live” voices, previously only found on the award-winning TYROS, have been incorporated, resulting in instrument sounds of breathtaking realism.

Sweet ! – Live ! – Cool ! – Natural !- and other great voices

For a new level of sonic versatility Yamaha PSR-2100 keyboard offers a huge selection of voices

  • Sweet, enjoy delicate nuances such as the vibrato
  • Live , stereo samples that encapsulate the acoustic instruments
  • Cool reproduce the subtle shades of electric instruments
  • Natural, use huge amounts of memory to create faithful reproductions of original sounds

Great Organ sounds

The PSR2100 features a dedicated organ flute function complete with graphic drawbars that can be individually modified, delivering classic jazz and rock organ sounds. These sounds can be further crafted thanks to the extensive programmable tremolo provided courtesy of the onboard digital signal processor.

Large Full Dot LCD with Song Lyric Display & Score display

Sing along with your favourite songs! The large LCD featured on these keyboards displays song lyric data from Karaoke disks in real-time for endless singing enjoyment. This unique display also makes keyboard operation easier and more convenient by displaying more information at once. On the PSR-2100 you can display the notation for your own recordings as well as commercially available song data and have the notation automatically shown on the display — in whatever size or zoom level you want. You can choose the tracks you wish to display, or let the keyboard automatically select the tracks. The Score display will even show you the names of the notes, if you wish. This powerful feature not only lets you view the entire score, it shows where you are in the piece with the help of a moving cursor that follows along with playback.

Vocal Harmony

The PSR2100 has the same Vocal Harmony function as the PSR-9000 and 9000 Pro. Hook a microphone up to the PSR2100, sing into it, and you can sound like a choir. You can assign the Vocal Harmony to create harmony from chords in your left hand, notes you play with your right hand or from MIDI song files that contain harmony information. You can even adjust the balance between your voice and your “harmony” voices — or turn off your voice altogether and sing in perfect pitch! Pressing the “Mic Setting” button allows you to adjust the 3-band sweepable EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor.

The vocal harmoniser in the PSR2100 can harmonise any sound it “hears” so you could, for example, play a live trumpet or sax (or violin, flute etc.) and have the 2100 re-create a complete horn section for you. Think of the possibilities!

Incredible Music Styles

The PSR2100 contains a wealth of fully arranged music styles, including specially designed Pianist Styles, to backup your musical performance. Yamaha style makers around the world have been working very hard to create some wonderful new styles for this release of the PSR- 2100. Each style has 3 Intros, Main A/B/C/D variations, and 3 Endings, as well as four fill-in patterns for added musical expression. You can change the instrument part settings of any music style, or even create your own custom styles.

Music Finder

Keyboard operation has never been easier! Pressing the Music Finder button calls up an on-screen selection of songs by title. Simply select one of your favourite songs and the keyboard is instantly set up and ready to play. The correct tempo, matching style and appropriate sound(s) for the melody are just waiting for you to start playing. Take your music to new heights by inputting your own Music Finder songs. You could put in your favourite music book so that all you have to do is select the song and the keyboard is ready to play. This is a great tool for professionals as well as home hobbyists.

Built-in Floppy Disk Drive

The PSR2100 is equipped with a floppy disk drive that allows you to play back MIDI song data in a variety of formats — including SMF 0 and format 1, DOC, XG and Disklavier formats — and gives you the benefit of unlimited storage for your original musical compositions. The PSR2100 also features Quickstart On/Off (MIDI files play immediately after touching Start button) and Chain Play On/Off (advances to next song and starts playing).

Simultaneous Style & Song Playback

Imagine being able to play a MIDI file and a Style at the same time. This keyboard has separate controls for song and style playback. The style will automatically sync to the MIDI file. Maybe you’d like to try one of your favourite songs with a different rhythm. If you are a writer, maybe you’d like to try your song with many different styles to see what it sounds like. If the song has chord data in it (many XG files contain the chord data or you can input it using the keyboard or software programs like XGworks), the style will actually follow the chords in the MIDI file and play a complete instrumental background. It’s unique and different and just one of the cool new features of this keyboard.

16-Track Sequencer & Lyric Editor

Whether you\’re an enthusiastic beginner, a serious composer, or anything in-between, the PSR2100\’s 16-track sequencer has the power to release your musical talent. Arrange up to 16 different instrument parts to create your own fully orchestrated songs. A variety of recording modes and editing functions are available to suit your playing style. You can even see the notes displayed on the large LCD screen (scoring ability).

Editing is easy and intuitive and offers cut, copy and paste features, just like a computer! Once you enter the Song Creator mode, you’ll notice that we have a new section that allows you to input lyric data into songs. Very cool. Once you enter the lyrics, they scroll by as the song plays back — you just have to follow the bouncing ball.

Chord data from standard MIDI files can be imported into the style section for further editing, which is perfect for songwriters and arrangers.

MIDI / PC Interface

In addition to MIDI connections, the PSR1100 and 2100 feature a USB port enabling effortless computer connection, opening up a whole new world of educational and creative possibilities. Expand your musical possibilities by connecting the keyboard to external MIDI devices or even to a personal computer.

Exceptional Sound

Dynamic two-way stereo speakers effectively reproduce the PSR2100’s high quality voices with rich, full-range sound. The keyboard’s built-in ports enhance lower frequencies.

One Touch Setting

The One Touch Setting (OTS) function automatically configures keyboard parameters, such as melody voice selection, tempo, and accompaniment volume, to optimally match each music style you select. This feature has been improved on the PSR2100. You can, if you like, have the OTS advance automatically with the 4 Main Sections of a style for ultimate hands-free operation.

Digital Effects Processor

Create rich timbres and professional mixes with the PSR2100’s built-in digital effects processor. A wide variety of effects, from warm sounding reverbs and choruses to extreme delays and distortion are provided for you to add depth to any of the voices. The PSR2100 also includes several Multi Effects and Master EQ that lets you precisely shape the sound.

Direct Access

Direct Access eliminates navigating through multiple menus. Press any function button while holding down the Direct Access button, and the display will instantly jump to the screen associated with that function. Convenient for quickly setting voice, auto accompaniment and sequencer parameters, etc.

User Memory

The PSR2100 features a new 580KB User Memory that allows you to store songs, registrations, styles and edited voices for instant access. The User Memory works just like a hard disk. You can create directories (for example a Songs directory) for storing and organising your information. For even more convenience, there are dedicated buttons on the PSR2100 for User Voices and User Styles so that you can easily access your stored data. Saving, customising and retrieving your personal data has never been easier!

PSR-2100  Specifications
Keyboard 61 Standard-size keys (C1 – C6) with Touch Response.
Display Large multi-function backlit LCD with contrast control
Demo Songs 15
Song Recording User Memory
60 songs max. (on disk)
Voices 338 panel voices, 16 drum kits, 480 XG voices + 1 “Organ Flutes” voice
Polyphony 64 notes max.
Music Finder 2500 max.
User Memory 580KB
Auto Accompaniment Styles 203
Variations 3 Intros, main A/B/C/D, fill-in x 4; 3 endings
Control Accompaniment on/off, sync-start, sync-stop, break, intro, main, auto-fill (on/off), OTS Link (on/off) ending/rit.
Digital Effects
Reverb: 29 Preset + 3 User
Chorus: 25 Preset + 3 User
DSP: 164 Preset + 3 User
Vocal Harmony: 49 Preset + 10 User
Harmony/Echo: 17 types
Master EQ
Overall Controls Tempo/tap, Transpose, Tuning, Accompaniment/song volume,
Mixing Console, Touch, Sustain, Mono, DSP & Variation, Metronome, Song Chain Play, Mic Setting, Talk Button, Upper Octave
Multi Pads 4 pads x 54 banks
Real time Controls Pitch bend and modulation wheels
Sequencer 16-Tracks
Floppy Disk Drive Supported formats: Style File, Disk Orchestra, Disklavier,
SMF1 and 0, XG
Interface MIDI IN/OUT, USB
Auxiliary Jacks Phones, Output ¼ “ (R, L + R/L), Aux. out Level Fixed RCA (R, L), Footswitch, Foot volume, Mic/line-in with volume control
Amplification 12W + 12W
Speakers 12 cm x 2 + 4 cm x 2 (Dome)
Rated Voltage DC 10- 12V
Dimensions 39″ (W) x 16″ (D) x 6.5″ (H)
Weight 23.1 lbs.