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Introduced in the summer of 2001, the PSR2000/1000 models represented a new generation of Yamaha keyboards. These replacements for the PSR740/640 included a large LCD display borrowed from the PSR9000 as well as many of the “Sweet”, “Live”, and “Cool” voices from that keyboard. Other innovations included the Music Finder database and the ability to load styles directly from a floppy disk. This innovation provided PSR users with, in effect, many hundreds of additional styles “floppy”-based styles that could be loaded as quickly as the internal preset styles.

Styles were not hyped in either the press release or the manual. PSR2000 styles included three intros, four main sections, and three endings. There were a number of “Session!” styles included. According to the manual, “These styles provide even greater realism and authentic backing by mixing in original chord types and changes, as well as special riffs with chord changes, with the Main sections. These have been programmed to add ‘spice’ and a professional touch to your performances of certain songs and in certain genres. As a result, the styles may not necessarily be appropriate – or even harmonically correct – for all songs and for all chord playing.” Included on the floppy disk were a number of Piano Combo! styles. “These accompaniment styles feature a basic piano trio (piano, bass, and drums), augmented in some cases with other instruments. Since this is a small combo sound, the accompaniment bacing is appropriately sparse, making it useful and effective for a wide variety of songs.”

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