Preowned Yamaha Clavinova CVP307 Digital Piano In Cherry


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Yamaha Clavinova CVP-307 Digital Piano In Cherry

A little bit about the Piano…

We really love this piano here at ePianos, it has great sound and lots of great features that make the playing experience very enjoyable. The CVP307 is available to view here in our showroom i Banbury, Oxfordshire – so why not pop down and take a look!

Some of the Features that the Yamaha CVP307 has to offer you!

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-307 is an 88-key GH keyboard in a woodgrain cabinet, featuring 948 different voices including a high-quality AWM piano voice.

3 Level Sampling

The CVP307 digital piano has 3-level sampling, of which faithfully reproduces key-off sounds, stereo sustain sounds, soundboard reverb, and string resonances.

Mega Voice

The Yamaha CVP307 also has MegaVoice, which provides incredible accuracy and reproduction of natural instrument sounds.

Natural!, Sweet!, Cool!, and Live! Voices

These voices enable you to simulate organs, woodwinds, brass, and guitars with stunning realism.

Adjustable Organ Tone Bar System

The Yamaha CVP307 Digital Piano also includes an adjustable organ tone bar system.


The Yamaha CVP 307 has 128+128-note polyphony, which allows for incredibly layered, textured multi-instrumental passages.


The iAFC adds a truly realistic feel to the overall sound. The piano has a 16-track sequencer with extensive editing controls for advanced compositions. Having USB and broadband Internet connectivity make it easy to download songs and styles.

Yamaha CVP307 Digital Piano specification

88-key full-size, touch sensitive keys – full size keys allow piano-style performance. Touch sensitivity gives added expression. 88 keys represent the full 7 1/4 octave range of a grand piano
GH3 (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard – accurately replicates the touch of a real acoustic piano
iAFC – advanced DSP technology, rear speakers and a built-in microphone system combine to reproduce the nuances of both an acoustic piano and the reverberations and resonances of a real stage performance
128 + 128-note polyphony – allows you to play up to 128 notes simultaneously
64 + 96MB Wave ROM containing 948 AWM voices (GM and XG compatible) inc. Mega, Live, Sweet, Cool, and organ flutes – digitally recorded instruments, using Yamaha’s AWM technology for superior sound. Mega voices capture all the nuances of live guitar sound
Reverb, chorus and DSP effects – adds an extra dimension to any performance
Orchestration – place an instrument in each of the Left, Right 1 and Right 2 sections of the keyboard
386 preset accompaniments, with 4 variations – adds exciting instrumental backings to accompany any melody, with 3 intros, fills, drum break, 3 endings and 4 variations for verse and chorus
4 One Touch Settings for each Style, with OTS link – manually select a suitable voice for every part of the accompaniment style, or let the keyboard do it automatically with OTS link
Music Finder – choose from a huge list of built-in titles, and the entire keyboard sets itself up with the appropriate style and a choice of four registrations
Auto Harmony – adds chordal harmony based on a single note
7.5″ LCD colour display – allows high quality graphic displays of keyboard features, scores and lyrics
Intelligent registration memory – 8 buttons allow storage of a virtually unlimited number of registrations
Score display with Guide Mode – the keyboard will display a score from any standard MIDI song file. The Guide Mode clearly displays which note is to be played next, and waits for it to be played
Song/Style Creator – record performances with the 16-track sequencer, adjust existing styles or create new ones Microphone input and vocal harmony – transform your voice with incredible 2 or 3 additional parts
Multiple storage options – write data using the on-board Smart Media facility or export to external USB storage USB MIDI Connection – MIDI connectivity is possible via USB or MIDI connectors
Soft-fall lid – the LCD display and controls on the reverse of the lid are protected by its cushioned action
Music rest with clips – the conventional way to support your manuscripts
2 x headphone jacks and headphones hanger – for private practice. The hanger allows convenient storage
3 foot pedals (traditional piano style) with half pedal effect – for soft, sostenuto and sustain
Video and Optical Out – display the contents of the LCD on a TV and transfer audio digitally

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