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More musical enjoyment for one and all

Yamaha applied 100 years’ experience in crafting acoustic pianos to bring you the CVP Series, which, like all Clavinovas are, first and foremost, pianos. For unrivalled sonic realism there’s Yamaha’s proprietary Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM tone generation. As a further step towards providing the ultimate piano sound, CVP Series models also feature stereo samples of a specially selected Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand. Plus the GH (Graded Hammer effect) for incredibly natural touch response. But that’s not all. The new extra-large LCD makes operation incredibly easy and offers a score display for more performance versatility and learning support than ever. Which adds up to more musical pleasure for the whole family. All from beautiful, naturally finished instruments that are at home in any modern interior.

Cutting-edge technology for more fun


Smooth, Easy Operation And Score And Lyric Indications With The New LCD Display

The CVP-205’s large black and white LCD display provides attractive graphics and helpful messages for quick access and error-free operation every time. Display indications include music scores and lyrics for expanded performance versatility as well as karaoke fun.

Sweet! Live! Cool! Natural! And Other Great Voices

For a new level of performance versatility, Yamaha offers a huge selection of over 800 voices. Besides incredibly realistic Piano voices and XG voices, these include new Sweet, Live, Cool and Natural voices. With Sweet voices, you can enjoy delicate nuances such as the vibrato of wind and brass instruments. Live voices provide stereo samples that capture the unique characteristics of acoustic instruments. In the same way, Cool voices reproduce the subtlest shades of the original sound of electric instruments. Created with the latest technologies, Natural voices use a huge amount of memory to assure incredibly faithful reproduction of instrument sounds.

Session And Piano Combo Accompaniments For More Stylistic Freedom & A New Music Finder

You get a choice of built-in Normal, Session, Pianist and Piano Combo accompaniment styles covering virtually any musical genre. What’s more, each style has three intros and endings, four variations, four fill-ins and one break. Using these accompaniment styles lets everybody, even beginners, give accomplished solo performances. Music Finder offers an extensive range of music styles with pre-programmed voices and effects setups. You can search for suitable styles by music, style, genre, keyword, tempo and beat. Whatever your selected style, Music Finder lets you enjoy the most suitable instruments and effects, all carefully chosen by professional musicians.


Play And Sing! It’s Easy With Guide Lamps

The convenient Follow Lights function provides guide lamps over the keyboard light to show you which notes to play.

Discover how good you can be


Demo and Help

Pressing a button is all it takes to find out what a CVP Clavinova has to offer. Once you read and hear the Voice, Style and Function demos, you’ll want to sit down and start playing yourself. And don’t worry about complex operations – there’s also a handy Help function offering detailed explanations when required.

Built-in Demo Songs

The CVP-205 offers a choice of 120 built-in “Song Book” songs, with accompaniments, covering a wide range of musical genres. You can also enjoy display in the LCD of the scores of all the songs, and with some songs the lyrics, too.

Song Recording

In addition to a superb musical instrument, CVP Clavinovas give you a 16-track digital recording studio. You can create complex performances one track at a time, using any of the voices available. Better still, you can also perform step recording, entering notes one at a time. Once you’ve finished recording, you can save your efforts to the internal flash ROM or a floppy disk.

Registration Memory

This allows you to store complete instrument setups for instant recall whenever you need them. All it takes is the touch of a button to completely change the entire sound of an instrument, a handy feature for live performances. You can store your setups in the internal flash ROM or on a floppy disk.

Pedal-Controllable Functions & Half Pedal

For even more flexibility, you can assign any of the available functions, such as Sostenuto and pitchbend, to a pedal of your choice. You can also customize the CVP-205 by specifying how far down the damper pedal has to be pushed until the damper effect starts working. This lets you achieve the optimum degree of pedal sensitivity for your playing style.

Karoake Fun

As well as a fine musical instrument, you can use a CVP Clavinova for sing-along karaoke fun with family and friends. Plug in a microphone, load a karaoke floppy disk, and you’re ready to go. For display of lyrics on a TV screen, the CVP-205 features a Video Out function.


In addition to a regular metronome sound, human voice tempo indications are available in five different languages. You’ll be surprised at the effect a voice has on how hard your child practices!

Piano Button

Need a piano sound fast? Press this, and you instantly return to “Grand Piano 1” settings.

Scale Tune

Music from different eras and countries around the world is often based on different scales. With a CVP Clavinova, you can easily switch between Equal Temperament, Pure Major, Pure Minor, Pythagorean, Mean Tone, Werckmeister, Kirnerger and Arabic 1/2 scale tunings.