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Why not upgrade to an Orla GT8000 DLX Organ?

This Orla GT8000 DLX organ has a lot to offer, both through selecting the sounds for yourself and using the many built in preset registrations and variations.

It’s a neat cabinet with rounded off edges, and 2 x 61 note keyboards– but inside it’s full of sounds, styles and registrations to excite any organist. 

You have four main voice categories to choose from on the Orla GT8000 DLX organ, these include special presets, which has sounds like piano, jazz guitar, choir and vocal. You also have two orchestral sections, and you get an organ section with drawbars for upper and lower keyboard.

All four upper sections can play together to give you a great full sound, and each of the sound sections have a “user voice” button where you can store one sound selected from a big list of voices, the extra sound will then be readily available. And you can choose from 410 internal sounds to go into each of the user buttons

Each section on the GT8000 DLX organ has an octave shift button, where you can make it sound an octave higher, a great way to make a change to two voices when mixed together.

You also get 7 sets of 16 registration presets, which when selected, become easily accessible from 8 buttons on the front of the main panel. These categories included Band, Orchestra, Theatre organ, and combo.

The style section is also vast with 106 different styles, each of these gives you 3 variations to choose from and more variations are available in the accompaniments, the fill-ins, in the intros and the endings.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, or you’ve still got an older instrument then this Orla GT8000 DLX organ is a great model to move up to, and very easy to get to a great setting to put a smile on your face !

Dimensions 21.5 inches Deep, 44.5 inches Wide and 35 inches tall


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