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The Korg Kronos 2 88 Note Music Workstation delivers the ultimate in synth workstation power in a portable package that is ideal for studio or stage. If you need sophistication to go anywhere, the Kronos 2 is definitely the powerhouse for you.


The Korg Kronos 2 88 Note Music Workstation gives you the power of 9 world class synthesisers in one unit. Each of these delivers the best in available technology to accurately reproduce their specific instrument. This includes real time control, effects, modulation routing and masses of variables that will cater to your sound designing needs.

For most players, one of the most important sounds they will use is the piano. The Kronos 2 utilises the enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano sound engine to offer up a huge collection of painstakingly sampled German and Japanese grands. All piano’s have every key sampled separately and contain enhancements such as sympathetic string resonance to give you a piano experience unlike any other.

Other engines of the Kronos 2 include the EP-1 engine for rich, energetic and mellow electronic piano’s, the CX-3 engine for precise tonewheel organs, a HD-1 synthesis engine for mind-blowing textures as well as other engines for legacy synth, orchestral and drums/percussion.


A pioneering technology at its inception in 2001 KARMA has matured to bring even more functionality to the Korg Kronos 2, such as: Wave-Sequencing, Note Mapping and 8 scenes per layer. This in addition to its unparalleled ability to produce phrases, drum grooves and full backing tracks based on how you play taking backing tracks to a level of sophistication never heard before.


With such innovative sound production, you would expect to have a level of control and expression to compliment the power within the Kronos 2… And boy do you get it! Korg’s flagship RH3 weighted hammer action is the perfect balance between functionality and design giving you the ultimate acoustic playing experience.

The addition of a plethora of assignable knobs, vector joystick, ribbon controller and assignable switches give you the power to change variable aspects of your performance on the fly with natural ease. The built in 800×600 TouchView graphical user interface screen gives you the ability to fly through menus and presets to get to the sound or function that you want without delay.


The powerful sequencer in the Kronos 2 61 is capable of recording up to 16 MIDI and 16 audio tracks. This gives you the power of a small recording studio at your fingertips. All audio recording is fully editable and the huge 60GB internal SSD (expandable to 2 drives) means you can record many pieces for future performances.

Finally, the Kronos 2 61 comes with huge analog and digital connectivity including optical, USB and full MIDI capability as well as balanced and unbalanced audio connections, so whatever your performance or recording set-up, the Kronos 61 will integrate without issue.

Manufacturer Korg
Model Kronos 2 88 Note Music Workstation
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,040 x 364 x 134 mm / 40.94” x 14.33” x 5.28”
Weight 14.3 kg / 31.53 lbs.
System KRONOS System Version 3.0
Synthesis Types
  • SGX-2: Premium Piano (Acoustic Piano)
  • EP-1: MDS Electric Piano (Electric Piano)
  • HD-1: High Definition Synthesizer (PCM)
  • AL-1: Analog Synthesizer (Analog Modeling)
  • CX-3: Tonewheel Organ (Tonewheel Organ Modeling)
  • STR-1: Plucked Strings (Physical Modeling)
  • MOD-7: Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer (VPM Synthesis)
  • MS-20EX: Component Modeling Technology (Analog Modeling)
  • PolysixEX: Component Modeling Technology (CMT Analog Modeling)
Maximum Polyphony
  • SGX-2: 100 voices
  • EP-1: 104 voices
  • HD-1: 140 voices
  • AL-1: 80 voices
  • CX-3: 200 voices
  • STR-1: 40 voices
  • MOD-7: 52 voices
  • MS-20EX: 40 voices
  • PolysixEX: 180 voices
Preset PCM 314 MB (ROM 1,505 Multisamples, 1,361 Drumsamples)
Wave Sequences
  • 598 User memory, 187 Preload
  • Support for stereo multisamples, synchronization of individual notes, and tempo-based settings
Number of Timbres 16 Maximum
Number of Set Lists/Slots 128 set lists, 128 slots per set list
  • Insert Effects: 12
  • Master Effects: 2
  • Total Effects: 2
  • Timbre EQ: 1 x 3-Band EQ for each timbre/track
  • Effect Types: 197
  • Modulation: Dynamic Modulation and Common LFO
KARMA Modules One module in Program mode, four modules in Combination and Sequencer modes
Sequencer 16-track MIDI sequencer + 16-track hard disk recorder + 1 master track
Number of Songs 200
Tempo 40.00 – 300.00 (1/100 BPM resolution)
Maximum Memory 400,000 MIDI events or 300,000 audio events
MIDI Tracks
  • 16 tracks plus the master track
  • 718 preset/100 user patterns (per song)
  • 18 preset/16 user template songs
Audio Tracks 16-track playback, 4-track simultaneous recording, WAV file format 16bit/24bit
  • Vector joystick
  • Joystick
  • Ribbon controller
  • Switches 1 & 2
  • Audio
  • External
  • Realtime Knobs/KARMA
  • Tone Adjust/EQ Mixer Knobs
  • Reset Control Switch
  • Solo Switch
  • Knobs 1-8
  • Switches 1-8(Upper Row)
  • Switches 1-8 (Lower Row)
  • Sliders 1-8
  • Master Slider KARMA Control: On/Off
  • Latch
  • Module Control RUM TRACK: On/Off
Display TouchView graphical user interface, 8 inch colour TFT, SVGA (800×600 dots), adjustable brightness
  • Analog:
  • Audio Inputs 1 and 2: 1/4” TRS Balanced
  • MIC/LINE input level switches, LEVEL knobs
  • Input Impedance: 10 k
  • Nominal Level: LINE
  • +4 dBu (LEVEL knob = min), –36 dBu (LEVEL knob = max)
  • Nominal Level: MIC
  • –22 dBu (LEVEL knob = min), –62 dBu (LEVEL knob = max)
  • Maximum Level: LINE
  • +16 dBu (LEVEL knob = min), –24 dBu (LEVEL knob = max)
  • Maximum Level: MIC
  • -10 dBu (LEVEL knob = min), –50 dBu (LEVEL knob = max)
  • Source Impedance: 600
  • Signal to noise ratio: 95 dB (typical)
  • Dynamic range: 95 dB (typical)
  • Crosstalk: 95 dB, at 1 kHz (typical)
  • Digital:
  • S/P DIF: Optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201, Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • USB-B: 24-bit, Sample Rate: 48 kHz, 2 channels
Control Inputs Damper pedal (half damper supported), assignable switch, assignable pedal
MIDI In, Out, Thru
Disk Drives 60 GB SSD (2.5”) & Option to add a second disk

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