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Used Yamaha EL900 Organ

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Launched in 1999 the EL 900 gave Yamaha two types of organ for the home or professional player. The AR range was aimed at the person who wanted to play at the touch of a button. The EL range is aimed at those that want to go deeper. The 900 also has ‘Horizon Touch’ were moving the key sideways can add glide or vibrato effects. So now you have to remember what note to hit, how hard to hit it, how hard to press it after you hit it and now what direction to press it to change the up or down glide or add vibrato. This is a challenging instrument to play, but in the right hands it produces lovely sounds.

Section Specification

Keyboards 2 x 49 note
Pedal board 20 note
Touch response Initial & after on upper, lower and pedal
Horizon touch upper & lower
Voices upper 207, lower 173, pedal 173
Voice sections 2 Poly (U/L), 2 Lead, 2 Pedal
Flute footage 8 pitches, 16 – 1 (U/L)
Voice control Extensive
Registrations 16
Output 216W (Stereo)
Speakers 2 x 20cm, 2 X 18cm, 2 x 5cm, 2 x 2.5cm
MIDI In, out & To host
Microphone with reverb
Auhxilery In, out, monitor speaker