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Tyros Tipsters DVD Series 4

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David and Chris are back with a new compilation of tips and tricks for 2018 on the Yamaha Tyros keyboard. See below for the full listing of DVD series 4.

  1. How to save registrations to a USB memory stick
  2. Daniel Watt shows us the ensemble section
  3. How to make a blank set of registrations
  4. A few tips on setting up your speakers
  5. Are you using the Multi-Pads?
  6. How to make your intros and endings sound more professional
  7. Claim your FREE registrations – David’s Freeplay style settings
  8. How the part select section works
  9. Tips on recording – with special guest Daniel Watt
  10. Special guest Daniel Watt shows us around ‘Organ World’
  11. How to get a nice Glenn Miller orchestra sound


The majority of tips and tricks shown in this DVD are compatible with all of the Tyros models from Tyros 1 up to and including Tyros 5.


Please note: prices shown for upgrades in some videos were relevant at the time of filming and are liable to change.