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Korg PA4X-61 with PAAS speaker



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Designed to make the professional musician in you flourish, the Korg PA4X-61P Professional Arranger With PAAS Speaker System includes technology to inspire and impress. This powerful arranger contains over 1,500 premium sounds and drum kits, ultra-realistic backing, a vocal harmony system developed by TC Helicon and a wireless PAAS sound system to deliver a level of clarity sure to knock your socks off.

The PA4X utilises KORG’s advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine that is fully loaded with over 1,500 instant instruments. This includes a vast gathering of both acoustic and electronic instruments from all over the world. Sublime piano’s both acoustic and electronic, drawbar organs, ethnic cutting edge synths and so much more can all be accessed with incredible ease.

To compliment the superior collection of sounds within the Korg PA4X-61, there is a collection of 500 ready to gig backing styles that also span a range of styles from across the globe. A convenient Chord Sequencer function can quickly record and loop your chord progressions on the fly in Style Play mode; this can be useful not only for practice, but for freeing up your left hand while performing on stage.

It’s not just the software that makes the PA4X-61 so powerful, it’s also the inclusion of the semi-weighted keyboard complete with velocity and aftertouch to really get the best expression possible out of your performance. And because you will want to focus more on your performance that twiddling knobs and buttons, the PA4X has included a TouchView graphical interface that intelligently displays the parameters you will need at any given moment for smooth operation.

The top panel of the PA4X gives you all of the real-time controls you could wish for including a joystick, touch sensitive strip, digital drawbar controls and much more.

The Korg PA4X-61 caters for vocal performers too thanks to the inclusion of the intelligent built in harmonizer developed by TC Helicon. Rich four part harmonies with incredible effects can be applied to a single voice to deliver vocals that will blow your audience away. Should you feel a little shaky about your voice, the built in pitch correction will keep your voice snapped in perfect harmony with the backing.

The Korg PA4X-61 includes a large range of connectivity for audio and data. 2 USB ports, a micro SD slot work in harmony with the built in hard drive to to offer near limitless storage. Other connectivity includes MIDI, HDMI and a plethora of audio in and out to integrate into any stage amplification system.

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