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The Korg KROME 73 Music Workstation brings unprecedented standards of sonic excellence and variety to the creative gigging musician’s arsenal, featuring an incredible array of un-looped full-length samples across every key, many derived from the mighty Korg Kronos.

The KROME 73 from Korg surpasses all expectations for a workstation at this price point, including a handpicked selection of piano, electric piano and drum kit samples all with features and options that are traditionally only found on top of the range models. Perhaps most impressive, the KROME uses Korg's legendary "German D Grand" as found on their top notch Kronos. The CPU within the Krome has been built to take the full extent of this instruments 73 key full length non-looped stereo samples, even including dampener resonance, a task most other workstations would not be able to handle.

In addition to this behemoth, the Krome ships with not one but three of Korg's electric pianos, each of which include eight layers of velocity to capture and exude every individual players responses and expression. Not only do these electric keys drop jaws on their own, but Korg have also added amp and cabinet simulation from Korg’s proprietary “REMS” modeling technology, and an array of effects processing to create a truly professional yet flexible sound palette.

If the electric pianos and acoustic grand instruments weren’t enough, hold onto your hats as Korg haven't stopped there. The KROME 73 also includes yet more Korg Kronos features, with its library of studio quality drum sounds. Whether it be ambient jazz or groovy funk, the Krome has got it all covered with a tremendous amount of detail and quality, even down to the proximity of mic placement and ambient sound.In addition to the playable drum sounds, the drum track itself can be turned on with a single button, getting the crowd moving with a library of professionally played drum grooves and breaks. You could choose from one of the 600 preset patterns, but if that isn’t your bag then Korg have given you buckets of space to create your own loops, patterns and beats too with the sequencer.

Pianos and drums are just the scratch of the surface, as the Krome 73 includes a huge range of sounds that will surely accommodate every single style of playing and genre out there, whether it be for backing tracks, lead parts or solos; Of course you can also edit, customise and reconstruct all of these sounds to get exactly the sound you're after.

The features don't stop there though. The Krome offers dual polyphonic arpeggiators, providing two simultaneous arpeggiators, with not only standard patterns, but also the generation of guitar and bass riffs, drum patterns, pads, synth sounds and sound effects. The Krome's extensive effects section features up to five insert effects in addition to two master effects and one total effect. A total of 193 effects ranging from flangers, delays and reverbs, to phasers, compression and dynamic processing offer limitless flexibility. The Krome even features creative effect potential within the grain shifter and talking modulator style of effect processing.

Let us not forget that the Krome 73 is a Korg workstation at the end of the day, so on top of all of these features you get exactly what you would demand from any Korg workstation, with a 16 track sequencer, auto-song set-up functionality, Cue Lists and realtime-pattern/play-recording (RPPR). Both the Krome 61 and 73 include a semi-weighted, natural touch keyboard, offering a beautifully natural response and feel that lends itself to all styles of playing.

On the face of it, the Krome's massive intuitive touch view interface shows you everything you need to see with the ability to touch and drag edit and real time effecting of knobs and sliders. There is USB storage and of course SD card storage, and the USB port can be hooked straight up to your computer set-up in the studio. the Krome Editor and Krome plug-in editor can also come in handy in the studio, allowing for easy and quick editing of your Krome from the desktop, the latest version of this can be found on Korg's website.

Korg KROME 73 Music Workstation main features:

  • The Korg workstation ideal for any style of piano playing
  • KRONOS-derived full length, non-looped piano and drum sounds, plus new electric pianos designed to shine on stage
  • 73 semi-weighted, natural touch keys
  • Electric pianos with eight-level velocity switching for unmatched expressive power
  • Clear, intuitive control with Korg’s exclusive 7-inch color TouchView™ display
  • Drums offering separately mixable direct and ambient sounds for studio-grade quality
  • Drum Track plays back realistic, inspiring grooves at the touch of a button
  • Expertly created, in-demand sounds including 640 Programs and 288 Combinations
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
  • 16 Track Sequencer bursting with features
  • Powerful Effects with 5 Inserts, 2 Master, and 1 Total FX, plus per track/timbre EQ
  • Distinctive aluminum panel design exudes a sense of quality
  • USB connection to your computer, plus an SD Card slot for data storage
  • You can use the KROME editor to edit sounds on your computer
  • Also available in 88 & 73 key models.

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