See our Yamaha ‘mini Genos’ summer upgrade offer

Have you seen the Yamaha ‘Mini Genos’?

Yamaha PSR SX-900
SRP £2181 Our price £1899Yamaha PSR SX-700SRP £1256 Our price £1099
And as an extra bonus we will include:
1800+ Music Finder song files (inc Tyros 5 titles)
500+ Extra Genos song registrations
9 Bonus Playlists
480+ registrations including 8 Genos Tipsters sounds packs (including Big Band Swing Pack, Smooth Strings Pack, and 4x Organ World Packs)


Wow! What an amazingly full and rich sound from such a compact, lightweight keyboard (only 11.5kg or 25lb, 6oz) We have been so impressed with the speakers, voices and features on this new pair of keyboards from Yamaha that we want to tell you all about it.

These SX ‘Mini Genos’ keyboards use the same operating system as the flagship Genos. We know from experience that the Genos operating system is fast and very user friendly. This means you will have no trouble learning how to use it and will be in more control of your musical performances than ever before.

The SX ‘Mini Genos’ keyboards have a completely different look to older models. They still look like Yamaha keyboards, but they have a new look, and they’ve got loads of differences. The Yamaha PSR SX models have a very slick aluminium front panel, which is the same finish used in Yamaha’s AV systems and also in the new range of CVP800 Clavinova’s.

There are size differences as well. The new Yamaha PSR SX keyboards are 15 millimetres longer than the previous S series, but the body depth is 9mm shallower, so you’ll find the shape will fit into a keyboard gig bag slightly better than before. These keyboards have been redesigned to be able to be moved around with ease, there are grips all around them to help you manoeuvre them safely. Which is really great as I’m sure many people will use these models for taking out to entertain with.

There’s a new button on the SX, it’s the “style reset button” This is a really great new feature, where you can restart a bar at any time- great for the songs that jump between time signatures. This can also be allocated to one of the pedals.


One of the most exciting new features on the SX900 is the Chord Looper . Each of the 8 registrations in any registration memory give you the option to save 8 chord sequences there too. These can be used to play through your chord sequences whilst you do something else or play extra things. Each of the 8 chord looper files per registration can have different chord sequences- so you might have a verse, a chorus, a middle 8, and so on. You could record the song in sections, or in its entirety, then play over the top with strings or piano.

Why not trade in your current model?

Social distancing and our deliveries

Note: Our guidelines are subject to change as the government guidance does. For up to date delivery options simply call us on:

0191 257 1666

The good news is thatwe are still able to offer UK wide delivery with very little disruption from normal.The only difference is, because staff and customer safety are absolutely crucial to us, we are employing full social-distancing measures as per government guidance.


We want to be absolutely clear about what this means for you.

If you decide to order a Yamaha SX700 or SX900, as the item is already fully-boxed it will likely be delivered to you by our regular courier (TNT). They are still fully operational and adhere to full social-distancing measures. This means the driver will deliver the item to your doorstep, notify you, and leave without coming within 2m of you. They will not enter your home at any time or ask you to sign for the item.

If you are trading in a small item (e.g. a keyboard) then we will either ask you to safely box it up for our courier to collect it from your home (we can supply you with a box if you don’t have one), or we might collect it with our own vehicle in which case you won’t need to box it up, you can simply place it outside your home for our driver to collect. (The driver will notify you when they’re outside).

If you are trading in a larger item (e.g. a piano or organ) then we will likely use our own vehicle to collect it. Again, we will need you to place it outside your home once our driver has arrived, (we can give you guidance on splitting it where necessary to make this easier) and then stay inside as we lift it into our vehicle.

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