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Saving a registration without saving the style

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Yamaha SX900 / SX-900
SX Series

Customise what gets saved when creating a registration!

For Genos and SX Series

What even is the function of the memory button? What does it actually do? Well this Q&A aims to explain what it does.


Have you ever gone to save a registration, and along with saving the voices; you accidentally save the style along with it? Here’s how to stop that from happening in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.


Step 1 – Give the “Memory” button a push. You can find this button located to the right-hand side of the “Registration Bank Select”. This will bring up a menu titled “Registration Memory”.

Step 2 – When you look down the options you’ll see things such as Voice, Tempo, Style, etc. Towards the left of each option, there are boxes with green ticks. The green tick implies that when you come to save a registration, what is ticked will save as a part of it.


This means if you want to save your registration without style (just to name an example), you must untick that option before saving. This will stop whoever style you have selected from being saved. This can be useful if you like elements of what you have customised, but not like a certain setting. I personally untick transpose as when I come back to play a song with my preset I made, it can sound out of key because the transposition is manipulating the patch registration.

Please note that if you have existing registrations and you have unticked one of the boxes, you must go back and re-save them in order for them to save without the intended option.


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