Yamaha CVP800 Series

Yamaha CVP800 Series - CVP809 & CVP805

Yamaha CVP800 Series

If you are the owner of an earlier model of Yamaha CVP e.g. CVP509, CVP609, CVP709 etc you may be wondering what reasons there are for upgrading to the new Yamaha CVP805 or Yamaha CVP809 – read our blog post here.

Yamaha CVP800 Series

The good news is there are many reasons to upgrade and Yamaha again have proven to be at the cutting edge of digital piano technology.Firstly lets talk about the design. The top two models in the range (CVP805, CVP809) could almost be described as slimline. If you view them from the side compared to earlier models the sleek design appears modern and classic at the same time.

Finish & Design

The same finishes are available and we expect the gorgeous polished ebony to be most popular.The other most notable new design is borrowed from Yamaha’s world class professional audio department who make top quality hi-fi and speaker systems, namely a beautiful brushed aluminium face. The sheen is instantly noticeable when you open up the lid and exudes quality, it’s even cool to the touch (if you like that sort of thing!).

CVP800 Screen & Interface

The controls on the front panel have been tweaked and although most of the are in the same place (a thoughtful habit of Yamaha’s design team) the panel buttons now have an integrated light rather than the little red one separately. Not a big change but one that has certainly neatened up the look.The Yamaha CVP series has featured a touch screen control since the CVP600 series launched in 2012.

General touch screen designs and screen quality itself has improved vastly since then and on CVP805/809 we see Yamaha’s clearest, brightest and sharpest screen yet. Of course it’s all in colour and pleasingly the speed of the processor, and consequently how quickly it responds to your touch, now zips along as you might be used to in the latest smartphones or tablets.No matter which version of CVP you currently own you will definitely not have this.

Key Mechanism

The balanced key mechanism on the new CVP805 and CVP809 is Yamaha’s finest yet. It’s called GrandTouch and boasts the longest key in the digital piano marketplace. This gives the most authentic feel yet and on CVP809 the addition of a key counterweight makes the experience better still as playing feels as natural as sitting at the face of a concert grand piano.

Backwards Compatibility

Are you a CVP600 or 700 series player and worried about losing all the registrations you’ve spent days and evenings creating? Don’t be. The CVP805/CVP809 operating system will accept registrations from these models and will even improve their sound with the latest voices.


If you’ve looked enviously at Yamaha Genos players and wanted some of the terrific new features on your CVP model then you’ll be pleased to hear that CVP809 contains a big selection of Genos styles and importantly the revolutionary REVO drums for truly realistic sounding percussion.

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