Yamaha Portable Pianos

Yamaha Portable Pianos

Yamaha Portable Pianos

Yamaha portable pianos comprise of Yamaha DGX, Piaggero and P Series instruments.

P Series | Yamaha P45, P121, P125 and P515

This is Yamaha’s range of ‘stage pianos’ – essentially a compact and more carry-able alternative to a static, full-size digital piano.

Within this range there are a number of options; size, features and sound quality vary across all models, but what does remain consistent is the presence of full-size weighted keys and built-in speakers, alongside the option to expand the versatility of the instrument with stands and pedal units.

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DGX Series | Yamaha DGX660

The DGX series combines a full-range piano keyboard, complete with weighted keys, and the features of a traditional arranger keyboard.

The DGX series offer you a versatile  instrument which can feel and sound like a piano, but also offer rhythms, backings and recording functionality.

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Piaggero Series | Yamaha NP12 & Yamaha NP32

These keyboards are designed to be ultra-lightweight and portable. Beware they do NOT have piano style weighted keys. They are very popular with people who need to travel with their instruments but don’t need a true piano key touch.

Because of the low price they are a very popular choice for parents buying for young children who are beginning to show interest in music.

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