Pops Orchestral Registrations Disks for Yamaha Electone EL900/700/500, ELX1, EL90/70- Bee Software

Pops Orchestral Registrations Disks for Yamaha Electone EL900/700/500, ELX1, EL90/70- Bee Software

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Pre owned disks for Yamaha Electone EL900/700/500, ELX1, EL90/70

This is a set of two disks featuring registrations for various sounds. The relevant track on Disk 1 is loaded first into your Electone to set up user voices and rhythms. Disk 2 is inserted to provide the Menu display with registrations that link to the previously loaded User Voices. The results are truly exceptional sounds. The Menu disk contains 64 registrations over 4 pages (Standard Ballad – Modern Ballad – Showtunes & Mixture) Each registration has a different rhythm associated with it to create an interesting rhythm accompaniment without sequencing.
Page 1 – POPS ORCHESTRALStandard Ballad, Wide Strings, Octave Strings, Soft Woodwind, Mellow Brass, Flute Solo, Oboe Solo, Violin, Sweet Trumpet

Soft Harp & Strings, Glock. & Strings, Hard Woodwind, Bright Brass, Flute & Strings, Soft Orchestra, Rich Orchestra, Big Finish


Modern Ballad, Lush Strings, Strings & Woodwind, Oboe & Strings, Strings & Brass, Sax Solo, Oboe Solo, English Horn, Trumpet Solo, Strings & Choir

Strings & Harp High Woodwind Elec. Piano & Pan Flute Sax & Choir Elec. Piano & Strings I Elec. Piano & Strings II, Tutti & Timpani Roll


Showtunes, Quick Strings, Strings & Flute, Xylo. & Woodwind, Big Horn, Sax & Orchestra, Trombone & Strings, Clarinet Solo, Trumpet Solo

Strings with MOC, Glock., Flute & Strings, Wwind, Strings & Harp, Bright Trumpets, Pizzicato & Woodwind, Muted Trumpets, All & Xylo, Ta-Da Ending


Mixture 1492, Ooh 1492, Aah 1492, Tune Vocal Solo, Piccolo & Bassoon, Woodwind & Tremolo Strings, Beach Piano (Wave effect), Atmospheric Orchestra

Piano Concerto, Distortion Guitar, Gentle Guitar, Piccolo & Brass, Mandolin, Orchestra, Beach Sax (Wave effect), Pipe Organ & Orchestra, Piano Octaves

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