Your Personal Assistants

David Cooper


About Me: Hi, I’m David. I’m the owner of ePianos. I have been passionate about pianos, keyboards and organs for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been involved in the industry for over 30 years. I have a soft spot for two-manual organs and love helping people recreate those old sounds on their keyboards or pianos.
My First Instrument: A little red Ace-Tone organ which my Dad and I learned to play together on.
My Hobbies: Outside of music I enjoy cooking for friends and family and wearing ridiculous fancy-dress at music festivals.

Chris Hammond


About Me: Hi, I’m Chris. I’m the manager of ePianos. I’ve been writing music on piano since I was 10, and it’s been a pleasure sharing my experience with people who want to get creative with music. In this job we’re rather spoiled getting to play all the latest ‘toys’ but what could be better than having your hobby as your job!
My First Instrument: A rickety old upright piano rescued from a skip! (My parents were antique dealers).
My Hobbies: Music aside, I am into astronomy, history, politics and Formula One. I am currently binge-reading Arthur C. Clarke novels.

Isaac Stuart


About Me: Hi, I’m Isaac. I’ve been a keyboard/piano specialist with ePianos for over 5 years. Being a singer-songwriter myself I love to explore the creative capabilities of the latest instruments and sharing what I find with our customers. Ask me anything!
My First Instrument: A white Yamaha Clavinova.
My Hobbies: Acting in theatre, TV and on stage. I write and perform my own songs too.