Our best ever Lowrey Organ Offer

Our best ever Lowrey Organ Offer

We’re able to give you absolutely unbeatable prices for your instrument in part-exchange against one of our luxury Lowrey organs
Lowrey Prestige | £8,999 £7,999

From first glance, you know that this instrument is going to be special. Over 1000 presets on hand, from Miller to Thriller it’s all here. Add your own personal light show and a 13 speaker sound system and you’ll be smiling forever.

216 Fully-Orchestrated Styles | 5,799 Total Presets | 11 General Presets | 231 Category Presets | Full Colour 320 X 240 LCD “Touch Sensitive” Screen | Orchestral Sounds & SoloSounds & Features | Tab Controls | 53.5″ x 29.5″ x 53” (W x D x H)

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Lowrey Legend | £6,999 £6,499

Moving up now into Lowrey’s Elite series. Loads of great features including Lowrey’s virtuosso keyboard and golden harp features. All this to accompany your Virtual orchestra – ’Moveover Mantovanni…’

192 Rhythm Styles | 24 Styles With 8 variations each | 11 complete Rhythm Presets | 2,112 total | 12 Category Preset Groups | 11 Presets per Category | 132 Total Category Presets | 550 Song Set Up Presets | Large, Colour, Touch-Sensitive Screen | 13 Speakers (250watts)

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Lowrey Stardust | £8,999 £7,499

Over 2000 presets, every orchestra member ready at your command. With those lovely Lowrey organ sounds and all wrapped up in a gorgeous wooden cabinet that’ll grace any lounge and fill it with music.

192 fully-orchestrated styles | 2,903 Presets | 600 Song Set Ups | 2,112 Rhythm Presets | Full Color 320 x 240 LCD Touch Screen
Tab Controls | 54” Wide x29.5” Deep x54.5” High | Golden Harp Eight Equalizer Presets | 15 Harmony selections

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Lowrey Sensation SE | £5,999 £5,499

Top of the shop in Lowrey’s intermediate range is the Sensation. In walnut with a roll top, this organ starts to get facilities from it’s big brothers, even a USB drive and a colour screen. With lots of organ tones and 1900 orchestral presets to choose from, this organ will keep the tunes coming for hours

Colour Touch Screen | Roll-top cover | 1987 Presets | 500 Song Setups | Deluxe bench | Touch bar | Music Recorder | USB Harmony Button | 48” Wide, 29.5” Deep, 54” High

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Lowrey have made some of the finest organs on the market in their long and prestigious time, and as one of
the biggest organ dealers in the UK we have the advantage of a trained team of staff to inspect and assess all of our used Lowrey organs, to ensure they arrive to you in exemplary physical and functional condition

That’s precisely why we can offer:

– Home Delivery & Installation
– 1 Year On-Site Guarantee
– Expert Technical Support

Lowrey organs have always been the ‘Rolls Royce’ brand of home organs giving you the warmest organ sounds, the greatest choice of buttons and the ‘showman’s’ models always fully glowing and fully lit like a fairground carousel.

Their models which have been around for years have gradually embraced technology and have used the digital age to make playing easier, selecting sounds and choices simpler, and ensuring more fun is had whilst sounding fantastic. These newer models all have hundreds, if not thousands of pre-made permutations of settings allowing you to just play, and leave all the programming to one of the experts at Lowrey.

These newer models include great solo instruments and full accompaniments, developed from their early instruments, but with more accuracy, better speakers and touch screen capabilities to make selections easier to find.

Have a listen to our videos on YouTube for more proof of the depth, sweetness, richness and happiness that one of these Lowrey organs will provide you with, for a fraction of their new prices – check out our part exchange chart to see how little it will cost you to own one:

Upgrade today!

Call now on (0191)257-1666 or email sales@epianos.co.uk | 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday
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