Organ Corner #3 – Roland Atelier AT80SL

Chris Hammond

(See David’s full demonstration video at the end of this article)

David’s odyssey into our organ showroom continues with the Roland Atelier AT80SL.

This really is a powerful organ and the cabinet housing is really luxurious. It has a gorgeous dark walnut cabinet, a nicely back-lit control panel and large, clear, easy-to-use colour touch screen. You’ll find no shortage of instrument sounds and backing rhythms, echo, rotary speaker, and many other effects, a 20-note pedalboard.

View full details (including extra pictures) of the Roland AT80SL on our website by clicking here.







There are 4 different sets of voice ares which you can mix together and blend to your satisfaction, along with 3 lower voice sections. (421 voices in total!). Conveniently each rhythm has a registration built into it so matching your voice selection to a style couldn’t be easier. It will even give you a suitable introduction and ending helping you give a professional performance.

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See David’s full Roland AT80SL video below:

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