New Yamaha P-515 personal piano review

Today has seen Yamaha bring us their highest quality portable piano namely the P-515 ‘personal piano’ which replaces the Yamaha P255. Chris (@chrisonpiano) and Isaac (@isaacstuart) have been having a really close look and made the review video below.

The major new feature that P515 brings us is the NWX keyboard action. This means that the white keys are made of wood and consequently feel much more authentic compared to it’s predecessor the P255 which had all plastic keys. Traditional pianos of course had wooden keys and the lightweight feel is something advanced pianists appreciate.

The other really exciting new feature is the addition of the Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano sound. Alongside the default Yamaha CFX concert grand the addition of the Bosendorfer it gives the player a selection of two of the finest pianos that money can buy, and quite a lot of money too, about £300k all together!

The P-515 also very helpfully integrates Yamaha’s special headphones technology called ‘Binaural sampling’ which simulates the sound you would hear from sitting at the front of a real concert grand piano when wearing headphones, instead of the usual rather one dimensional effect that standard headphone sockets use on this kind of piano. This is a really thoughtful and clever addition that really has to be heard to appreciate how effective it is. For people that regularly practice with headphones this is going to be a big deal.

The face of the piano has had a modern redesign and thankfully retains it’s easy-to-use functionality and has to be one of the easiest portable pianos to use.

So, when it comes to choosing your first piano, if you have the budget the Yamaha P515 would be what we call a ‘buy once’ piano, in that the quality is sufficient enough to see you through all of your grades and still satisfy you when you become a seriously advanced player because of the range the professional sampling and excellent speaker configuration gives you.

Order your Yamaha P-515 in black or white from ePianos by clicking here:

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Bye for now!

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