New JUNE 2019 – Yamaha Tyros 5 upgrade deal

Our lowest ever cost to upgrade to Tyros 5

Following the launch of Genos, Yamaha’s latest top end keyboard we have had some great part exchanges in- and we can currently offer you a great deal to upgrade your current instrument to a Yamaha Tyros 5, and you can even choose between a 61 note and a 76 note model.

The Flagship, “top of the range“ Yamaha Tyros 5 is the best of the Tyros models with great sounds and styles, and many new features to upgrade you from your older version. It comes complete with speakers and we will load many extra files into it to enhance it for you too.

The Tyros 5 launched with some new features including Organ World and Ensemble. Organ World is a section with five types of organ sounds, these include presets and adjustments to expand your instruments voice section. It includes sections emulating the “Lowrey” sounds, the “Wersi” sounds, Theatre, Church and the renown Hammond sound.

The Ensemble section is a new addition to Tyros models which groups together sets of instruments, and unlike string ensemble voices and brass ensemble voices from older
models, when you play a group of notes or use the harmony section it assigns each note to one of the instruments giving you a very accurate and more realistic sound.

The improved audio recorder allows you to save a performance in wav format -allowing you to load it into your computer and save it to a cd for everyone to share. And it’s “screen out” allows you to enlarge the screen and display it on a computer monitor or a TV.

You can even plug in a microphone and the song or chords that you play will ensure the instrument sounds harmonised voices alongside yours, in perfect harmony. And you can slow down a pre recorded song- but keep it in the same key

With one of these Tyros 5 models we will load the music finder up with 1825 song titles and we will load in over 600 registrations to help you get that perfect sound. We will also load the latest firmware to ensure it runs smoothly, and our 2 year guarantee will ensure that you get no hassle.

So, you can have a Tyros 5 with speakers for £1999 at the moment, (that’s cheaper than our competition) and we only sell ones which are in great condition, and yes- we can part exchange your current model.

Below are the costs if you want to upgrade.

These prices include FREE delivery, a matching bench, handbook and a 12 month guarantee.

We also have an optional “Bonus Pack” available, which is £199 and includes our 6 x Tyros Tipsters DVD’s (usually £19.99 each) helping you to learn about all of the many features of Tyros, The bonus pack also includes a 1 gigabyte expansion memory with 14 Reg Rawlings extra special Voices.

Other models are available to upgrade to, email us at or contact us on 0191 257 1666/01295 266788 to have a chat.

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  1. Joseph van lambaart says:

    hi I have a tyros3 upgraded to 1.20
    can. you price me a trade to a tyros 5 -72 keys
    send to Melbourne Australia. 3175
    in aust. dollars. thanks Joseph

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